5 Ways to Use Explainer Videos to Market Your Brand Online

Person Watching an Explainer Video on a Tablet

85% of internet users watch online video content on their devices.

Video is prevalent seemingly everywhere. Video marketing is taking advantage of this opportunity and showing businesses how video can help their customers.

There are now explainer videos that demonstrate a business’s product or service. They offer a visual understanding of how the consumer can benefit from their product or service.


If you want to create helpful videos for your consumers, you need to know what works in some of the best explainer videos. To give you some insight, here are 5 ways explainer videos can help market your brand.

1. Explainer Videos Are a Clear Expression Of Your Brand

Explainer videos cut out the confusion of what your business provides. They offer clarity to your consumers.

Consumers understand your brand, your story, and why you believe in your business.

Explainer videos are also a tutorial of what your business does, a guide on how a consumer can purchase from your business. In a way, you are expressing what you are doing in the most fundamental way, which is through video.

2. High Conversion

The goal of any business is to convert their leads into paying customers. The best explainer videos accomplish this task. They generate a higher conversion than other kinds of video marketing.

Explainer videos that generate a high conversion grab the attention of the consumer and have an effective call to action.

3. Rank Higher on Google

Explainer videos also rank high on Google, which can help your customers find you faster.

In fact, videos are much more likely to rank higher than simple text.

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4. Higher Recall Rates

More people recall video than simple text. Explainer videos can draw people in with emotion and powerful stories, which is what people are interested in.

People remember powerful and emotional stories, which is how your videos can express your brand.

5. Mobile Friendly

Finally, explainer videos can help market your brand online because videos are mobile-friendly. With more people on their mobile devices than ever, it’s important to have videos that give people a short explanation of what your business provides.

Explainer videos can provide a short story that people can watch on their mobile devices without having to go through your website.

The Best Explainer Videos Offer a Visual Guide to Your Consumers

The best explainer videos know what their audience wants and how to give it to them. These kinds of videos are everywhere because this is what most audiences are watching.

If you want to market to your audience, you need to know what they are doing on their phones. Explainer videos are a short description of what your business does, faster than going through every nook and cranny of your website. It gets directly to the point.

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