Etsy and Beyond: 5 Killer SEO Tips for Selling Crafts Online

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Did you know that Etsy’s annual revenue in 2018 was 603.7 million dollars? Are you looking to break into Etsy and have a successful shop? 

In this article, prepare to learn the hidden SEO tips for selling crafts online. Read on to discover how to make sure your shop is a success and not a flop. 

1. Keywords First

Always include your top keywords at the start of your titles. If you don’t put it at the beginning, you risk not being found until many pages later. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to search for top keywords. 


You can also use the Etsy Rank tool as well when looking up keywords. You want to include 1-2 targeted keywords and 1-2 broad keywords. 

General keywords examples are “handmade soap” and “t-shirt.” Targeted keywords are a “silver beaded necklace” or “women’s graphic t-shirt.”

2. Titles and Tags Match

When you sell crafts online, you’ll want your titles and tags to match exactly in order to be found on Etsy. So if your listing title is Women’s T-shirt/Graphic women’s t-shirt/etc. make sure your tag is exactly the same. 

Sometimes keyword phrases can be too long, and you max out at 20 characters. To get around this, put your keyword phrases into shorter phrases. Sterling silver jewelry could become sterling silver. 

You can also take the keywords within your title and mix them up. You can create them in different ways for multiple combinations. 

3. Eye-Catching Items

When your items get customer interactions, the more likely they are to show up in search results. Make sure your products have great photos, reasonable prices, and clear titles. The more attractive your products look, the more likely someone will be to click on them, and that will increase your items showing up in search results. 

4. Relisting and Adding New Products

When you relist or add a new product, Etsy pays attention to that and will have it show up in search results. Pay attention to what products are popular and make sure to relist them at the best times so others will see them when they shopping online. For more on growing and marketing your business check out James Dillehay books

5. Check Your SEO

While SEO is great and you can let it go for a while, you’ll want to check on your products and update SEO every few months. Take a look at what your top products are and make changes when you see a decrease in views. 

There can be fluctuations daily but take a look each week at how each product is doing. If a product drops and SEO isn’t helping, consider dropping that listing and activating a new one.

Killer Tips for Selling Crafts Online

When you’re looking to increase sales to store or begin one, these SEO tips for selling crafts online will help make sure it’s performing the best it can.

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