Brand Visibility: How to Be Seen and Heard Among the Noise

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Did you know that there are over 1.5 billion websites on the Internet today? Among these websites in this vast ocean of information, you have new businesses with brands that yearn to grow their customer base.

Each one clamors for attention, calling out towards other people surfing the internet.  Among these businesses venturing online is your brand.

How will you compete with these equally hungry companies?


What you need is brand visibility. Here, we will look into how you can learn the ropes of building brand visibility and stand out among the rest.

1. Brand Visibility and Awareness?

To build brand awareness, you need brand visibility. You have to ensure that people see you and your business. They need to hear from you and know of your existence.

While brand awareness is a measure of a consumer’s familiarity with your brand, visibility about constantly being in consumers’ presence. They need to see you to remember you.

Making your presence known, your brand has to carry the loudest and clearest message it has. Let them know you offer a good product that they can trust.

In the midst of this, you have other brands offering different products. They, too, also want new customers.

Make sure that you have an eye-catching idea. Something that communicates to the audience, to the would-be customer. You also need to use tried-and-true strategies, like SEO and PPC campaigns.

2. Optimize with Keywords

Venturing online, you need a set of keywords to make sure your website pops up.

Remember that most of the global population has access to the internet, and will use it to find businesses that cater to their needs. In fact, the number of searches per day reaches up to 3.5 billion. Your brand needs to pop up whenever they search for something related to your products or services.

Because of this, optimizing for search engine visibility becomes crucial for your website. You will need to look into finding relevant keywords that fit your brand and what it offers.

Consider using tools like Google Keyword Planner to find the ones you need for your website. Also, use long-tail keywords for a defined grasp at your niche.

3. Ad Campaigns

Another setup you should use is in the form of ad campaigns. This is where the PPC (pay-per-click) angle of attack comes in.

Through the PPC method, you can run ad campaigns online. These ads appear on designated banner slots on websites or videos. Unlike SEO, you do have to pay for a PPC campaign but fortunately, you can set a daily budget limit.

This allows for an easier time in making your brand visible. Especially if you have a new brand or you are newly repositioned. Aside from appearing on search engines like Google alongside the organic results, these ads also appear in social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Facebook is also a prime spot for targeted ads, a prime spot for your PPC campaign.

With careful word selection and ad copy creation, you can take advantage of this strategy. All without your budget going awry.

4. Social Media Presence

Another aspect you should look into is social media presence. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are among the top social media platforms available. With most of the world’s population being online in these social media sites, the optimal approach is to engage them there.

Have a social media page for your brand on these platforms. From here, you can promote and build your presence. You can do this by engaging in conversations and in producing content – more on that later.

Using hashtags also work in bringing everyone into the conversation. When you have a product or event launched, using hashtags brings them to chime in and join.

One of the other aspects of brand visibility is through word of mouth. This works well with social media, where customers can bring about referrals to your brand by sharing and talking about it.

Tap into the viral property of social media and build your presence as you go.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing works well with social media presence. Thus, take the time to produce content for your website and social media pages.

You have a wide range of media content that you can produce. This can range from blog posts to e-books and videos.

Through consistent production of content, you build up and optimize your website. This helps search engines with putting you on the top of the list. This is one of the core strategies for search engine optimization (SEO).

Providing relevant content can bring you on the first page of the search results. The search engine algorithm reads both your keywords, headings, and content. It uses these as the basis for relevance.

This way, you can generate leads and get potential customers in the process. For best results, combine this with other strategies such as sharing the posts on social media and with PPC strategies.

6. Brand Advocates

We mentioned word of mouth earlier. It stands as one of the effective means to bolster brand visibility with satisfied customers vouching for your brand’s quality.

This brings about both trust and loyalty from the customer and for the prospects. But what if influential people provide the same opinion about your product?

Having brand advocates drives the message home about your product or service. Influencers and partners can boost brand visibility. They can do this through the vast reach they have with their audience.

This principle works well in the case of brand ambassadors. They tend to comprise of well-known celebrities.

Websites like YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram have influencers that showcase a variety of content and would include sponsors in their videos or streams. This form of advertisement brings word-of-mouth and influence as a method to bring awareness to your brand.

Time to Make Your Brand Stand Out

You need brand visibility to let everyone know that your brand exists and that you provide something for them. With these approaches, you now have an understanding on how to approach your audience and bring them to do business with you.

Pick your weapon of choice and wade through the noise. Clear the path for your customers to draw near.

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