What to Post on Instagram to Increase Your Reach and Engagement


Social media is way too common to ignore. Not when statistics indicate that 54% of browsers who have social media accounts use them to search for products. So if your business is not on social media, you better have a good reason.

Instagram is often the most suitable, especially if you intend to reach the young generation. You simply need to know what to post on Instagram. Doesn’t matter if you are selling physical products, a service, or if you want people to get to know your brand-it’s time you get a business Instagram account.

Instagram will get your business in the eyes of prospective customers, wherever they go. It doesn’t matter whether you are just getting started you need an Instagram marketing strategy that will totally sell out your business. Your strategy needs to be the best if your business will be best.


If you’re stuck on what to post on your Instagram page, here are some pretty good Instagram tips to help you decide. They should help your engagement soar.

1. Understand Your Audience

There are multiple platforms for online marketing. With the ever-growing competition for online business tools, get more info here on what platform suits your needs. Deciding that it’s Instagram and getting an account is only the first step.

Creating a beautiful Instagram page that is not too appealing to your target customers is a waste of time. So take time. Find out which audience you want to communicate to before you can get started.

You also need to distinguish your audience. Are they potential customers or people that can help you build your brand? You need to know because they ought to be treated differently.

There are many Instagram insights that we’ll help you get information about your Instagram audience. Be keen to details such as follower activity, number of views for videos, number of clicks and so on.

There’s also info that has demographics that we’ll tell you where your followers come from, their age and sex. It all matters, so don’t ignore. Provide the right content to the right people otherwise it won’t matter.

2. Listening Tools

You can’t afford to be offline for too long. Because social listening is very necessary. It will assist you in identifying the important conversations going on Instagram.

Following and contributing to these popular conversations is how to get noticed on Instagram. While reading your funny comment, a follower might be interested in your product or service.

If you want to engage a new follower, find out what they like. And then tickle their fancy. They won’t forget your brand.

Don’t miss out on the keywords trending on Instagram at any given time. Monitor the hashtags you or others in the same industry have created, and use them. Creative images that your followers can relate with can also be quite useful.

What you need is to keep your followers engaged and to get feedback from them.

3. Talk with Your Followers

Instagram marketing is not all about spamming your followers’ timelines with your products. This is where most people get it all wrong.

Rather engage your followers as much as possible. If all that your page has to offer is endless posts on sales material, it’s a bore.

Make your page the one everyone checks out daily for offers, promotions and so on.

The other way would be to make use of content generated by your followers. Ask them to send you pictures while wearing your products and in turn post them on your page. This is a great endorsement for future buyers.

Go ahead and program the content posted by your followers. It shows you are listening to them. At the same time being in communication with your followers is likely to bring in more.

4. Use Hashtags

The hashtag below the post is always the next stop after viewing anything on the gram. We all do it. So the hashtag is one of the Instagram tips you can’t overlook.

Hashtags will help you to organize the content on your page. It is the best way to tag your content and make it easily accessible by your followers. The caveat is, don’t overuse them and make sure they are relevant to the image.

You can either generate hashtags on your own or use the most popular ones that are relevant to your line of work. You could also check out the hashtags that your followers use. This is quite creative and getting them involved will get them to like your products more.

Don’t forget to also incorporate branded hashtags here and there especially when you are launching a campaign or a new brand. These are actually the best because they are specific to the name of your product.

5. Put Your Best Foot Forward

You are selling a brand. Or maybe your products or services. So don’t post anything ugly-well of course the quality of your stuff will matter here.

Online shoppers are confronted with multiple options online. So if yours is not appealing to their eyes, why should they buy your stuff. You must make them love you by all means.

If you post great content prospective customers will flock your page. You can then show them what you got and believe you me they will come back for more!

Apparently, 93% of purchase decisions are influenced by visuals. So if you are selling anything online, it must look really good. Take excellent photos and caption them the best way you can.

Also, have an underlying theme that intrigues your followers. Make it something other than the normal sales posts.

What to Post on Instagram

Most of Instagram users follow a business account on Instagram. So it’s time you dive into Instagram marketing. It is a sure way of improving your sales and or brand.

You simply need to know what to post on Instagram. With that, you are good to go. The bottom line is to make sure your page is as beautiful as possible. Provide great content to your followers and they will forever be hooked.

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