8 Outstanding Selling Software Tips That Will Upgrade Your Revenue in 2019


Being the first to bring new software to the game can feel exciting. Here’s a new product you have that offers folks the chance to change their lives, making life easier for work or personal use.

Of course, you believing in your product is not the problem: it’s getting everyone else to understand what you see. If you’re selling software, how can you show off your latest development and get others interested in buying?

Check out these 8 tips on how to sell software. You’ll find they can help boost sales and get your name out while saving money on promotion costs. 

1. Make It Irresistible With a Free Trial 


If there’s one thing people everywhere can’t resist, it’s the word free. Who wouldn’t want something that allows them full use and comes with no strings attached?

While you shouldn’t try to make a career out of giving things away for free, this techniques works well when you’re selling programs and software. Free trials work well as you’re trying to drum up both interest for the product and sales.

Word gets around that your product has what people want–one of the best ways to get new publicity. 

2. Provide a Video Demonstration 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then watching a product getting demonstrated is worth even more. It’s easy for people to imagine themselves using your software when they see someone else demonstrating how simple and user-friendly it is.

Worried about getting your team together to make a video? Learn more about how you can encourage a friendly and helpful environment that benefits your business. 

3. Put Your Referrals to Work

If you’ve been in business even a short time, you know how helpful it is to have connections. Having the right ones is even better when you’re trying to push software sales.

Even better: sweeten the deal by calling up individuals you’ve worked with and feel confident about suggesting a product to. Give them a free trial of your software and see how they find it. 

Chances are, they’ll be happy to suggest it to others, particularly if it can be used in their line of work. 

4.Showcase Your Product at an Event or Trade Show

Don’t forget about the benefits of getting out in front of the masses. If there’s a trade show or similar event coming up, now’s the time to register, get a table, and bring your swag.

You can offer coupons or other discounts that allow potenital customers to take advantage of your product at a reduced cost. Even just getting the name out in a large setting can do wonders for boosting business. 

5. Get the Word Out on LinkedIn

If you’re not talking about your product on LinkedIn, you’re missing a golden opportunity. People from all types of businesses and industries mingle on this professional social networking site.

Here they have hopes of meeting likeminded individuals, new employees, or individuals who present solutions to their problems.

Present your product here either through an update on your profile, your company’s page, or both. You’ll find a surprising array of interested individuals curious to see how your software can help them.

6. Create a Human Connection

No matter what type of software you’re offering, it’s important that folks feel a connection with you. You can achieve this by identifying the problem they’re going through and empathizing with them. 

Showing a human side rather than being a faceless product means a lot to folks who feel frustrated with their current software. If you can prove you do it better than the competitors and with compassion, you’ll have the trust of potenital customers everywhere. 

7. Ensure Your Site is Optimized

While you’re busy getting your software out there, don’t forget to show it off online. You likely already know about search engine optimization, also known as SEO. 

In that case, you’ll want your company website optimized to include search terms for your software and the industries or individuals it serves. This ensures anyone searching for these terms or your software makes a match, allowing you to make a sale.

If you’re wondering how you can ensure your site is optimized for 2019, check out our blog post here

8. Have a Beta Test to Spot Any Issues

While you’re likely excited to get the word out about your software, it’s important to catch any issues early on. This prevents them from developing into full-blown problems that you’ll need to spend money fixing later.

One way of testing your software and garnering interest is to offer beta testing. this allows users to test drive the software and report back any problems they find.

You then have the chance to fix them before the software totally hits the market. Many companies choose to reward their beta testers, either with free or very cheap software, or a payment for their troubles.

Regardless, it’s an effective way of getting the word out and cleaning up any issues that were previously detected. 

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Promoting your product doesn’t need to seem difficult when you know the right methods to approach folks with. Thanks to a variety of interesting and unique ways, you can get the word out while selling software and engage with people in the process.

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