What is Pay Per Call Marketing and Why Should Your Business Try It?

pay per call

As the owner of a small business, running a pay per call campaign is one of the most powerful marketing options at your disposal. Pay per call gives you a direct connection with potential customers.

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What is Pay Per Call?


Pay per call (or PPCall) is a marketing strategy where an advertiser pays their distribution partners (also called affiliates or publishers) to make phone calls on behalf of the advertiser.

Using pay per call is a lead generation strategy that connects businesses with the customers they’re looking for. The business pays for each call where they speak directly with potential customers.

How Does it Work?

To simplify things, think of pay per call marketing involving just three parts. You, the business owner, the customer, and the marketing professional.

First, there will be an ad with a tracking number attached to it.

Then the customer (caller) will see the ad. If it peaks their interest, they’ll call the tracking number.

The call is then routed to the business (you). The business then speaks with the customer with the intention of creating a relationship and making a sale.

The marketer will track the call to bill you for it later.

Why You Should Implement This Strategy

For starters, just about everybody has a smartphone. At this time, 95% of people in the United States have one and that number is expected to continue to grow worldwide.

You should see all those people as potential callers that can be converted to customers and dollars.

Customers Want to Talk to You

If you think customers who shop online are less likely to want to speak directly with your business your wrong. And this mistake can be costing you a lot of revenue.

Are you aware that 83% of online users would like a form of customer support? Or that 45% of customers would like to speak with a friendly customer service representative?

These numbers pretty much guarantee high conversion rates for businesses who use pay per call advertising.

It’s Less Competitive

When a customer gets to the point where they’re thinking about calling a business, they’ve already considered buying their product over all the others. Their phone call is usually one from a person who has questions about a promotion, shipping, or specifics about the product.

Simply put, if they’re calling you, there’s a big chance you’re going to make the sale. This means you’ve already won against competing brands.

It Pays for Itself

We understand that while you’re running a small business you may not have a very steep marketing budget set in place. Luckily pay per call marketing will give you an amazing return on investment (ROI).

Because you aren’t paying to hire specialists or investing in constant technological upgrades, this method of advertising doesn’t require you to put a lot of money out up front. You are basically just paying for results, so the risk isn’t all that significant.

Pay per call campaigns are personalized and placed where they are needed. Where your customer base will find them.

The money and time invested end up being worth it. You’ll have a hard time finding leads with such a high potential of conversion using other methods.

Pay Per Call is Universal

One of the best parts of this marketing strategy is that it isn’t limited to your local customer base. With pay per call, you can connect with customers all over the world.

After all, it relies on the simplicity of catching a consumer’s interest and having them make a telephone call. But that’s not it.

The high success rates of using pay per call advertising come from its ability to be used in several marketing channels and formats. You can run multiple pay per call campaigns using various strategies.

For example, you can run an old-school campaign by using flyers or newspaper ads and still get a nice turnaround. While you’re doing that, you can use ads via social media platforms like Facebook or Google AdWords.

Mixing your marketing channels will help you reach more people.

Easier Tracking

If you’re going to implement a new marketing strategy, you have to know how to track the results. This way, you know whether the ROI is going in your favor.

Pay per call uses sophisticated tracking methods to show you everything you need. It includes documenting the length of calls and how they relate to conversion.

Pay per call also gives you an idea of where you can improve. Giving you a better understanding of where to focus your campaign in the future.

How to Make the Most Of Pay Per Call

Now that you know how pay per call marketing can help your business. You need to know how to get this most from this tool.

Here are a few simple tips.

Warm Transfers

By using a warm transfer system, only consumers with high potential of conversion are sent to your sales and customer service teams. Collect information about the caller from a form first. Then you will save time and money with those pre-qualified leads.

IVR Interactive Voice Response

IVR is a tool you can use to add more power to your warm transfers. You can customize the way it filters calls by using factors like whether the person has called before, their location, and needs.

A system that allows callers to press 1 for sales, for instance, helps your sales team make the most of their time by talking only to people who are looking to spend money.

Call Tracking

Call tracking helps you learn exactly which one of your ads (because you should have a few) is driving phone calls. You will also learn which ads aren’t bringing new callers.

Using this tool will help you learn things like which keywords are the most effective and what channels customers are using to find you. This way you can change low performing ads to look more like the higher performing ones.

Use Pay Per Call Today

The pay per call strategy is a valuable tool you should definitely be applying. There are numerous resources you can use to get qualified help with your call marketing campaign.

We understand that executing new marketing strategies can feel overwhelming at first, but there are many profits to be had with this one.

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