10 Link Building Techniques for SEO Growth

building techniquesLink building is the new king of content marketing. In fact, according to a recent report by Search metrics, they found that backlinks were a huge correlation to Google’s rankings. It is easy to say that proper link building techniques are a must in order to skyrocket your website’s domain authority.

The higher up a page on the search results means that the webpage has more linking domains. Web pages that rank #1 had an approximately 168% more linking domains than those who ranked #5.

So how exactly do we know which link building techniques work? There is so much misinformation out there leading people down the rabbit holes of poor SEO link building strategies, creating misleading links and actually harming your rankings.


Luckily, there are plenty of safe and easy link building techniques like internal linking, guest blogging, and reviews. And don’t forget about the importance of social media for SEO.

This article covers the top 10 link building techniques to help you skyrocket your website rankings quick and efficiently, let’s jump into it!

1. Internal links

There is so much talk about receiving backlinks, but what about your own internal link building? This will help visitors navigate through your site and keep your bounce rates low.

Make sure you are consistently updating your older content to include internal links to your newer content. If needed, created a mind map on a piece of paper and see how your links can connect. Only link to your content that is relative to that article.

2. Curate Awesome, Informative Content

This can be misleading, as you do not have to create a University level essay each time you sit down to create a blog post. There are many styles of blogging articles that can help you build awesome links.

Listicles are great as they are easy to read and scan for information, as well as easy to add numerous links to. You can also do a “week in review”, or “best of the year”, where you now can add many of your own relative internal links as well as to other high authoritative sites.

There are many ways to do this, and the trick is to be creative and also enjoy what you are writing about as it will come across more natural.

3. Guest Blogging

There are so many blogs that would love other people to create fresh, relative content for them, and nothing is better when someone offers to do that for free!

There are a few key factors to consider when applying to do a guest post;

  • The topic must be 100% relative to the publisher’s blog and yours.
  • Keep in mind that a poorly written article can lead to a poor reputation for both you and the publisher.
  • The blog is not circled around you or your blog by any means.
  • The article must not be full of fluff, it must have some informative content.

Remember that the success of your article will be your proof for other future guest post opportunities, so put some TLC into it!

4. Simply Just Ask For Links

Be careful with this link building technique and listen carefully to these instructions, or else you could do more harm than good.

If you are just starting out, it is ok to reach out to numerous relative sites and ask for an in-content backlink. The most important factor in this is to remember that it must be relative or Google will flag your website.

Search for recently published content in Buzzsumo, check their domain authority, and use a tool like Hunter to find their email and contact them!

5. Blog Commenting Technique

This is a commonly overlooked building technique that has a lot of potential to help your rankings, it can be time-consuming, but very worth it.

Search for all of the high ranking blogs that you would like to either guest post on or have them link back to you. Comment frequently with proper grammar and become part of their comment community. From then on, start building credibility with your expertise.

Make sure you read their blog entirely and pick up some key pointers to discuss, you want to add value, not spam their comments section! Eventually, you will become noticed by the blog owner and they will begin to appreciate you and your site.

6. Build Links With Reviews

Now is the time of influencer marketing! According to a recent study, out of 86% of marketers who worked with influencers, 92% of them found it very beneficial to their conversions.

If you have a product or service, reach out to some influencers and offer them a free product or discount in exchange for a great review and backlink to your webpage.

7. Check the Value of Links Coming to You

You are starting to get some backlinks, congratulations! Now you need to check to see if that link is coming from a valued site that will benefit and not hurt your webpage. Plug it into a site audit tool, if it is spammy, go to Google’s Disavow links and notify them.

8. Infographics

Infographics are fun, easy to navigate and are full of useful information. In fact, infographics are 30x more likely to be shared and read by visitors than a text article containing the same information.

Be sure to keep it simple, no more than three colors and two different fonts. Otherwise, it will be too busy for our over-busy monkey minds to pick up on.

9. Using Social Bookmarking Sites Such as Reddit

In Reddit, users will save and store bookmark links to sites that they like or want to share, this is a great way to build links to your page in a matter of weeks.

Be sure to subscribe to other subreddits, and create eye-catching titles, this will make your profile appear more trustworthy.

10. Publish Data and Research

We all know that marketers absolutely love data, statistics, and research that is done for them already. Do some deep research, create some articles with some great facts, then back them up with the appropriate links.

Eventually, some marketers will catch on and start referring back to your website frequently for more data.

Learn More About Link Building Techniques

If you stick to these link building hacks, you will be leaping the rankings in a short matter of time.

Another way to jump-start your link building SEO skills is to use some online tools, hop on over to our free web tools to optimize your site today.