5 Tips For Investment Management Marketing To Get New Clients

investment management marketing

Investment management isn’t always the sexiest thing to market. The demographics of investors are getting younger as millennials hit the scene.

When’s the last time you analyzed the efficacy of your investment management marketing tactics?


In 2018, advertising is out and digital marketing is in. It’s essential that your investment management firm stay up to date if you want to get new clients.

Read on for 5 tips on just how to do that.


As your target demographic grows younger, it’s important to consider how they view your brand. Ask ten Millenials on the street what JP Morgan does. You’d be surprised at how many think the company is a bank, not an investment management firm.

How is your firm perceived? What colors and typographies are used in your brand design?

Consider hiring a branding expert to redesign your logo and reevaluate your company’s look and feel. You want your potential new clients to feel like you’re leading them into their future.


It’s just a fact that the market is volatile. Your investors have a desire and a right to know what’s going on with their investments.

The best way to establish a bond of trust with your investors is to be transparent. Your clients want reassurance that their investments are being handled with their best interests in mind.

One way to improve your transparency is to reevaluate your communication systems. Is there a system you can implement on your website or through social media to improve your manager-investor communication strategies?

You could also reassess the way you present information to your clients about their investments. Perhaps you could implement a new, user-friendly dashboard feature on your site to allow your clients to see all their information with ease.


In 2018, we live and work in a digital ecology. There’s no avoiding it. Your clients are growing more accustomed to having a world of information at their fingertips.

Why should their portfolios be any different?

Your clients want real-time information on their portfolios at the click of a button. Your marketing platform needs to include systems to make that happen. Without it, they’re left in the dark and not getting what they need.

Restructure Systems to Prioritize Digital Marketing

It’s no lie that there’s plenty of paperwork to be done in the investment management business. There will never be a shortage of Powerpoint decks or factsheet runs to get done. And it’s likely that you’ve got tons of staff handling these tasks.

Consider restructuring your daily operations and delegating administrative tasks more effectively. This’ll allow more time for communication with your staff to find out what skills they have that could be utilized in your business.

Accessible Content

If your content is composed of corporate brochures and fund fact sheets, it’s not engaging your target demographics. You need to rethink your deliverables. They should include articles, videos, infographics, how-to guides, and more.

2018 trends in investment management marketing are geared toward more engaging content than traditional content. Think about how you portray yourself in your web presence. What language are you using?

You should always ask if you’re presenting financial information in the most entertaining way possible. Is this futures trading tutorial fun and engaging for the viewer?

Your Investment Management Marketing Strategies

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