5 Ways to Market Your Loan Consulting Business

loan consultantBy now, most of us business owners know that the solution to generating new leads is not by outreach. Rather, we strategically create ways for customers to find us.

Well, in this article, we’re going to flip the advertising landscape over one more time. Why? Because as a loan consultant, your marketing strategies will have a much different approach than most other companies.

Instead of targeting the mass majority, consultants need to focus on a very small niche of people. Other advertising techniques aren’t nearly concentrated enough, so here are 5 other ways to do the job.

1. Referral Network


One of the essential strategies for bringing in new clients is networking. Reach out to former and current customers, friends, family, old colleagues, etc.

People are 4 times more likely to make a purchase if it is referred by someone they know. You can establish a professional network by building your customer service reputation. Also, you can try offering incentives.

2. Rainmaking

Rainmaking is all about problem-solving, which is why it’s commonly used by lawyers and advertisers. First, you must identify likely prospects and hone in on this group. What are their problems? What areas do they need assistance?

Next is where you come in. You offer strategic solutions for these people that are reasonable but also convenient.

3. Website

So, we let one commonly used modern technique pop up on the list. But, that’s for good cause. For any company, SEO and SEM are vital.

They’re what entices your customers to click on your page. They help boost your site’s search rankings, so these two strategies are your lifeline on the web.

You should update your website frequently with new blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, etc. Give potential clients a way to build a foundation with you, then go in for the sale.

4. Building Trust and Relationships

This is quite broad, but it can be carried out in many, many different ways. Aside from creating a referral network and pushing useful content online, there’s more you can do.

As a loan consultant, your goal should be to help others in need. You can display this commitment by finding ways to give back (which looks great in public eye).

Offer free consultation to someone who is direly struggling. Or, you can attend seminars, conferences, fairs, etc. to educate attendees about loan financing.

5. Other Industry Leaders

Instead of going to people you know, try forging relationships with people who are outside of your usual territory. Consider other angles to find contacts who may not be where you typically look.

As a loan consultant, you could try working with school admission offices, realtors, car dealerships, etc. The key is to find a non-competitor who’s willing to send clients your way.

Advertising as a Loan Consultant

It’s no easy task, as advertising never is. But, it’s crucial for finding new leads and generating more income for your company.

SEO and SEM is one of the most foolproof ways for generating traffic to your site. If you haven’t implemented a digital search marketing strategy, now is the time.

Of course, you can’t go in blindly. So, we’re here to help once more. Webconfs is your one-stop shop for SEO needs. Click here for a 15-minute lesson in search optimization!