5 Things Consumers Can Teach You About Your Own Brand Development

adobestock 119589994Believe it or not, customers can teach us a great deal about how businesses should operate. They are, after all, the heart of any great business.

Therefore, it’s important to take their thoughts into consideration and shape how we do business accordingly. But what can consumers teach us about brand development?

Read on for five things consumers can teach today’s top advertisers.

1. People Can’t Stand Ads…And For Good Reason


If there’s anything customers can tell us about business, it’s that marketing isn’t always a blanket success.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as there’s a lot to learn from users that install add-ons like AdBlock. Namely, customers hate intrusive advertising.

Notice how banner ads aren’t as popular as they once were? There’s a reason. Audiences found them invasive and annoying

In order to reach a market, businesses need to put themselves in customers’ shoes. Nobody wants to be bombarded with ads more than they have to be. We’re already exposed to over 5,000 a day.

The more organic and natural an ad comes across, the more likely an audience is to pay attention. Even something as simple as personalizing an ad through marketing automation can make a major difference.

2. Trust Matters

Let’s continue with the motif of organic advertising for a moment. People are inherently untrusting of advertisements. They’re practically begging for reasons not to trust brands.

But proper brand development should be synonymous with trust. A brand needs to work its hardest to establish trust with its audience.

Trustworthy customers tend to be loyal customers, so place honesty above everything else. No one wants to be talked down to. The sooner a brand realizes that they’re on the same level as their customer, the sooner their marketing will succeed.

3. People Value Others’ Opinions

Today’s consumer is remarkably savvy, seeking out reviews and info on a product or brand before committing to a purchase.

But just how much do reviews matter? Quite a bit.

People trust online reviews as much as a friend’s personal referral. And customers are going to let brands know what they like and dislike.

These reviews, even when negative, should be encouraged. Plus, it certainly doesn’t hurt that these reviews can do a lot for a brand’s SEO strategy.

4. Everyone Loves A Good Story

Earlier, we mentioned how important it is to drop the wall between consumer and brand. Part of modern-day brand development involves taking a more approachable route.

A brand really looking to set itself apart needs to stop thinking of its marketing as copy and more as a story.

But in order to establish that identity, customers have to know the story behind the brand. Modern advertising should focus not on the product, but on the people behind it.

Post content about office culture or highlight a staff member. Even a little bit of storytelling can make a brand feel a lot more human.

5. People Want To Be Heard

The best thing a brand can do is interact with their audience.

Say that a customer heads to a brand’s site and leaves a negative review, touting a bad experience. Initially, yes, this isn’t great for the brand in question.

However, it also presents the brand with a unique opportunity. They can respond directly to the consumer and address the issue in public.

This shows that the brand is listening to what the consumer has to say and that they value their voice. Show customers their voices count, and they’re likely to be forgiving if mistakes are made.

Brand Development Is All About The Consumer

Brand development is a tricky balancing act. It requires a little bit of advertising knowledge and a whole lot of people skills. It’s so important that companies start using their audiences as sounding boards.

Consumers have a lot to teach us, and it’s about time we start listening. Let us help! Get in touch for a free audit or use any of our free resources!