5 SEO Pro Tips to Get Your Clothing Website to Rank

seo proWhen today’s fashionistas want the season’s hottest styles they don’t head to the mall for a full-scale fashion search.

Day-long trips, sifting through sales racks, are a thing of the past. Instead, trendsetters are turning to Google rankings to decide where to get their designer duds.

What does this mean for today’s fashion retailers?


Well, they can no longer rely on traditional marketing tactics to lure in potential customers. If you want to be successful in the modern-day clothing industry, you need to play the role of an SEO pro.

Read on to learn how to get your fashion site noticed in no time!

SEO Pro Strategies for Your Fashion Site

To get high rankings, your site’s strategy needs to be as savvy as the clothes you’re selling.

The difference between rankings of zero, and becoming an SEO pro, lies in your ability to craft a competitive online search strategy using a few simple techniques.

1. First Things First

If you don’t start with a great website, it could cause you to tank rather than rank.

You can use a do-it-yourself template or employ a tech to set up a top-notch website, complete with features like a well-thought-out drop-down menu, catchy content titles, and a vibrant image gallery.

Two things that go into a great fashion site are a star power appearance and ease of navigation.

These add up to create a satisfying customer experience.

2. Get Inspired

Check out some of the top-ranking fashion sites by performing a few searches. These sites typically have discovered the right combination of links, images, and keywords that search engines notice.

You can also get ideas for your site by looking at their layouts, and see how others incorporated tags, images and scroll down menu options to enhance user experience.

For inspiration, check out a fashion site that’s got it right, such as Nickis, whose site retails luxury designer children’s wear.

They use professional grade photographs of merchandise, high-quality blog content, and site features to ensure an optimal consumer experience.

3. The Missing Links

If your site isn’t getting enough attention, it may be that your links are to blame.

To fix this fashion site faux pas, you’ll need to incorporate effective link building strategies.

You should aim to add 2-3 external links to high-quality sources for every 1,000 words.

But don’t stop there, tweak prior content from your site and add the same number of relevant internal links as well.

4. How Keywords Spell Success

To get the rankings you’re after, you’re going to have to tap into the power of keywords.

Keywords are specific words related to your site and industry. These words are one of the primary techniques used by search engines to determine where your site ranks.

They should be used throughout your site’s content.

This keyword tool identifies the most effective keywords for your site based on your industry. It’s free, and a cinch to use.

5. Fake it Til You Make it With SEO Tools

Perhaps the best thing about getting better rankings for your fashion site is the wide variety of tools designed by SEO pro companies that actually do this deal for a living.

That’s right, in addition to the suggestions we’ve included in this post, there is a whole slew of free, easy to use tools that can guide you to the top.

The tools give you exactly what you need to whip up SEO magic. So even if you still don’t have the gift of SEO, your site can still turn the heads of search engines.

Check out these SEO tools to start getting your rankings to soar today!