5 Sites to Inspire Your Own Contractor Website Design

contractorAre you one of the 81% of contractors that own your own business?

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, and it can be profitable to be a business owner. It can also be incredibly demanding.

As a small business owner, you do everything from man the phone lines to hammer in the final nail of a new project. After being torn in so many directions, you might not have a spare thought for contractor website design.


You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got five great designs that you can use to guide your website ideas.

With a totally refreshed site, you’ll be attracting more – and better – clients in no time!

1) Showcase Your Assets

Make a list of all of the services you offer. Once you’ve got a grasp of everything you want to offer, it’s time to showcase your talents.

A site like Contech Engineered Solutions does it right, laying out all of their various services in a grid. It’s not cluttered and it guides the customer towards exactly what they want.

This is a great contractor website design idea for those companies that are just starting to branch out.

2) Feature Your Best Asset – Your Customers!

Word of mouth is nothing new. It’s a huge deal online – 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as their friends and family!

It’s a smart move to incorporate positive customer testimonials in your contractor website design.

If you know a customer that thinks you’re the best roofing contractors in town, politely ask if they’ll write a testimonial for your website. Check out ReTouch’s Client Review page for ideas.

3) Be Bold

Hercon Contruction’s site isn’t shy – and yours shouldn’t be either. Sometimes it pays to go big or go home.

Get a pro photographer or, if you’re handy, take high-res images of your work. Feature them in a scrolling slideshow or put a few large images on your homepage.

4) Proof of Passion

Johns Manville’s site has the usual contract website design must-haves: what we do, contact us, careers, etc.

But the majority of the site is dedicated to their core beliefs – innovations, sustainability, and what drives their employees.

The big takeaway? Don’t hide what you’re all about. Show what drives you, what’s at your company’s center, and potential clients will identify with you.

5) Stick with a Theme

Do you design luxury real estate? Is your company all about large retail properties?

Whether you’re a multi-state construction operation or a group of local roofing contractors, your contractor website design needs a theme.

What that means is a luxury developer, like Adorned Homes, needs an elegant website that conveys an upscale feel. If you’re just starting out, a website like that might turn customers away because they feel they can’t afford you.

Work with your design until it feels like “you”!

The Importance of the Right Contractor Website Design

Now that you’ve got some great ideas, run with them – but not all of them! Try them on, see which one works best.

Your website is your face online. Take the time to pick out a design that looks best for what you offer and you’re sure to see results!