A Complete Guide to Wholesale SEO Reseller Packages

Wholesale SEO Reseller PackagesWhat if I told you you could add the level of SEO expertise that your clients are demanding, without having to hire an agency or full-time staff? You can with wholesale SEO reseller packages.

These packages are quickly becoming the go-to for specialized agencies who don’t have expertise in SEO but want to be able to offer it to their clients. And they don’t want to pay for a full-time SEOer, or staff.

Each individual SEO staffer you hire will cost you about $52,634 a year. And that’s just to start. You haven’t even paid for their computer, office space, or vacations yet. But we will take a closer look at that later on.


Wholesale SEO reseller packages, ensure you’re not paying for anything besides, well, SEO. No superfluous costs or hidden charges.

Let’s take a closer look to see if they are right for you.

SEO: In-House vs Outsource

If you’re even reading this article, chances are good you’re leaning away from hiring your own SEO specialist or staff. Because let’s be honest, it’s expensive.

And the ROI may just not be there for you. Most of your money wouldn’t go towards things that are going to move the needle forward for your clients. Full-time employees come with a whole lot of other expenses, like:

  1. Salary
  2. Benefits
  3. Vacation
  4. Training and up training
  5. Yearly bonuses
  6. Equipment and upgrades

And that’s not even addressing turnover. If an employee leaves you (or you have to let them go), not only do you have to fill the position, you have to replace the skills and experience.

Let’s say you hire somebody with three years of experience in SEO. Now let’s say they work with you for another two years before you part ways. On paper, it looks like you just need somebody with five years of experience to replace them. Right?

Those two years on your staff are irreplaceable. That’s time they’ve spent learning your systems, procedures, and culture. Your new hire needs to be trained and assimilated into your culture. Plus the lost time while you’re between employees.

And speaking of culture, it can be hard to hire just one SEO staffer. They prefer to work with like-minded people, with similar skills and experience. If you try to bring an SEO employee into a creative boutique, you may run into a culture clash.

If they don’t have someone to talk shop with, they may get bored or complacent and leave your company. Now you’re back to square one.

Bonus: You Also Get Self-Updating Skills

If you hire an SEO specialist, you have to make sure that they are staying on top of everything in the SEO world.

And things change a lot. The best practices surrounding something-or-other likely changed while you were reading this paragraph.

But, if you choose wholesale SEO reseller packages, you don’t have to pay to keep your staff up-trained. The specialists that you buy will keep their own skills up to date, on their own time and on their own dime.

What is Included in Wholesale SEO Reseller Packages?

With so many people out there promising the best and most impactful results, how do you make a decision? How do you sort out the people who can do the job from the people who are telling you what you want to hear?

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the services that you should be looking for.

Content Writing/Blogging:

This is where you should always start. Because this is where the demand is. Your clients know they should be blogging. But they don’t have the time or desire to do it themselves.

People don’t have time to blog. It’s that simple. And most people can’t write, despite what they may think. Just because you can talk about your business doesn’t mean you can write about it.

Content writing is a specialty. It’s about finding someone who can write content that makes a connection with your audience.

And most importantly, it’s about finding a specialist that can create content that ranks well with search engines and is structured in a way that can actually produce sales leads.

If you don’t have the time or resources to write content, don’t lie to yourself about it. Recognize it and accept it right away so you can find the right solution.

Otherwise, you risk:

  • Your content’s schedule becoming sporadic and irregular
  • Deadlines getting missed because you don’t have time to write
  • The quality of content suffering because the task has been passed around the organization until it falls in an unqualified lap
  • Your staff staring at an empty word processor screen trying to write something, instead of doing the tasks that make you money

It’s also harder than hell to hire a good writer and really easy to accidentally hire a bad one. Applicants can fool you into thinking they can do the job, only to buckle under the pressure of your clients’ demands and deadlines.

A freelance writer with a Masters in English who misses deadlines is far less valuable than a self-taught SEO writer who you can actually count on. Too many agencies have learned this lesson the expensive way.

Wholesale SEO reseller packages come with pre-approved and tested writers, who have a proven history of consistently meeting deadlines and expectations.

Link Building

It’s never been easier to get into link building, but it’s never been harder to succeed.

Google is getting smarter and is punishing people for trying SEO “tricks” that worked a few years ago. Now, they’re looking for quality, organic, and relevant links to your site and recognizing “black hat” or spammy links.

The Google Penguin update changed the game.

In the past, you could get away with being a Chicago pizza parlor and having a link on another site that has nothing to do with pizza, with the exact anchor text “Chicago pizza.” But thanks to the Google Penguin update, that won’t fly now.

However, if you can get a good link from a respected travel blog about the best places to eat in Chicago, you’ve done yourself a massive SEO solid. And wholesale SEO reseller packages can help you do just that.

Victory goes to those who actually do the work. According to Forbes.com, “you might wonder why people still even bother to engage in link building campaigns when it seems harder than ever to execute them with any positive effect.”

“That’s true, but it doesn’t change the fact that link building is a necessity if you want your site to earn meaningful rankings in Google search results.”

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best ways to help your client’s search engine optimization while establishing them as thought leaders in their industry.

But you don’t always have the resources to find these opportunities, write the actual post, make any required edits, and track the results. This is why only 6% of bloggers publish the majority of their original content as guest posts.

Like we said above, Google can spot a spammy backlink a mile away, so links can’t be bought anymore. They have to be earned with high-quality and legit content, like guest posts.

Reputation Management

How important is your clients’ online reputation? It can cost them business and send those customers right to the competition!

Consider that 85% of customers use the Internet to research before making a purchase, and 83% of buyers don’t trust advertising but do trust recommendations from users online.

At the same time, your clients may not realize how much damage a few bad reviews at sites like Glassdoor.com are doing to their recruitment efforts. You can help them with that.

Good wholesale SEO reseller packages can help you take charge of your online reputation. They can help you encourage and optimize good reviews, and help you control and minimize the damage from bad ones.

Local SEO

Wholesale SEO Reseller Packages can help you win the war for local SEO supremacy. And don’t kid yourself, it IS a war.

The top spot on the search pages isn’t simply achieved; it’s won and then defended every single day.

You need to stay on top of the following things for your clients:

  • Their own webpage
  • Their content
  • Their social media
  • Their presence in local and industry directories

The ones who own these things are the ones who win the day. And those winners get qualified sales leads. 76% of all local searches result in a phone call.

OnPage SEO

Keyword research and implementation probably isn’t your specialty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide it to your clients.

The rules and best practices are constantly changing. Your SEO package can include help with onPage SEO strategies, using experts who know how to succeed in today’s SEO landscape, not 2010’s.

Things happen and change way too quickly in the world of SEO to “dabble” in it. You need someone who lives and breathes SEO geek stuff to stay on top of it.

Press Releases & Distribution

The reports of the press release‘s demise were greatly exaggerated. They are simply evolving from what they were 10 years ago.

They still pack a punch. Nintendo sent a press release and saw 500,000 views in a single day. And 60% of that traffic came from social media. They saw a great opportunity and they attacked it.

The headline was “Nintendo of America Hires Bowser as New VP of Sales.” No, not THAT Bowser, but Nintendo decided to have fun with it in the press release by saying:

“Effective today, Doug Bowser (no relation to the King Koopa and Mario’s longtime nemesis) will oversee a variety of sales-related functions.”

The modern press release needs more than a headline and your contact information. Today, you need to provide a reason for your would-be audience to care. And quality wholesale SEO reseller packages can provide that.

Reporting and Measurement

This remains one of the most oft-skipped steps in all of internet marketing, yet one of the most important.

Without measurement, you won’t know where you’re succeeding and failing. You almost never succeed on the first try. You need to alter your tactics, based on performance numbers.

Simply put, you need to do more of what works and throw out the rest.

Good wholesale SEO reseller packages will provide you with reports on a regular basis and show you where you’re winning and where you can stand to improve. They should also have recommendations to go with those numbers.

How to Hire a Wholesale SEO Reseller Packages Provider

You need someone to do your agency’s SEO-related heavy lifting. Or, all of it. But who do you choose? Always look for:

Real Results

First of all, you need to work with a company that has a proven history of wins; tangible SEO results in the SEO space. They should be able to point to boosting Client X’s ranking by Y%.

Their website should have no shortage of satisfied clients saying that this company is awesome.

No Vague Promises

You also want to work with a company that tells you exactly how they’re going to help your client.

If they value your business more than their secret sauce, it’s a sign that they really want to help your clients and have the goods to back it up.

The Best SEO Tools

One of the best parts of working with wholesale SEO Reseller Packages is getting access to today’s coolest SEO tools. They can help you do everything from planning, to optimizing, to measuring.

These tools can be incredibly expensive, so unlocking new access to them is a big deal for you and your clients.

In Conclusion

If you feel like you don’t have time to do SEO correctly with your existing staff or resources, you’re probably right.

But, you can give your clients the same services and results as hiring a full-time SEO staff by investing in a wholesale SEO reseller packages. You get a full suite of services (all of the ones listed above) at a fraction of the cost.