The 9 Best SEO Tips 2017 You Need to Know

Search engine optimization or SEO is always changing. A shift in algorithms from Google sometimes means rewriting your entire SEO approach from scratch.

While the goal is always the same (to skyrocket your site to the top of a search engine results page), the way to get there is flexible.

That’s why it’s wise to pay attention to trends. It would be a big waste of time and money to start a huge marketing campaign targeted at the wrong algorithms.


These nine tips are great to keep in mind as this year gets underway. We consider these the best of the best of SEO tips 2017 will offer.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Mobile Matters More

It’s no secret your website must be optimized for mobile use. This has been a leading SEO trend for years.

Why? Not everyone surfs the web on computers anymore. A potential customer might look you up on their smartphone, tablet, or another mobile device.

If they find a clunky website that isn’t mobile optimized, they’re not going to waste their time. They’ll move on to the next company.

Google plans to introduce what’s known as a mobile-first index. That’s why mobile optimization tops our list for best SEO tips 2017 has in store.

What is the mobile-first index? It’s a new algorithm that favors websites that are mobile optimized. Your mobile site can now impact your Google ranking.

2. Don’t Sleep on Links

Is it any surprise that links still matter as a part of your SEO strategy, even in 2017?

Link building will probably always be the backbone of online marketing. These links are how customers find you.

There’s a subtlety to link building. If you stuff your post with too many links, it’s going to look spammy.

Instead, it’s best to go 50/50 on external links (which come from other pages) and internal links (which come from your own site).

To get your own external links, reach out to another marketing firm you respect. Ask to write a guest post.

3. Hop on the AMP Bandwagon

We already mentioned Google’s mobile-first algorithm as one of our emerging SEO tips 2017. There’s more still you need to know about mobile, particularly Accelerated Mobile Pages, also known as AMP.

What is AMP? To put it simply, it’s another algorithm from Google. This one focuses on the loading speed of your mobile site.

With Google’s AMP Cache, AMP HTML, and AMP JS Library, it’s possible to design mobile sites that load quickly. There’s even an AMP open-source project that marketers like you can use.

4. Trending Keywords Lead the Way

Keywords have always had their place in SEO strategy. That’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Just like link building, keywords let your customers find you. Also, like link building, keywords can get spammy fast.

Instead of stuffing your keywords in your blog post, cut back. Copy should always read naturally. Otherwise, customers might start looking for a company with a more authentic voice.

Treding keywords is another of our best SEO tips 2017 should offer. These are, as the name implies, keywords that are performing well. These keywords get traffic and lots of it.

How do you find trending keywords?

Try using Google Trends or even Google Keyword Planner. These tools let you cherry-pick the best trending keywords that fit your brand.

It’s then up to you to write killer content that incorporates those keywords.

5. Your Voice Should Be Heard…Literally

Alexa and Siri are two of our dearest digital companions. They answer our questions, do research for us, and even make calls and send texts.

Echo by Amazon and Google Home are designed to make our lives easier. Well, our personal lives, at least.

Media experts predict that these voice-based services will move to the professional realm this year. Imagine Alexa previewing a tweet before you send it out or Siri reading blog posts aloud.

It could happen sooner than you think.

6. Learn to Write Snippets

Speaking of tweets, one element Twitter hasn’t changed much since its founding in 2006 is character limits. Yes, we went from 120 characters to 140 characters. However, 20 characters isn’t a big jump.

You still have to be concise. If you’ve spent years crafting the perfect tweets for your company, it’ll come in handy. You can now use those skills to write snippets.

Snippets appear in Google SERPs. These are the short previews of a website’s content. These snippets may only be a few sentences; at most, they’re a paragraph long.

We consider snippets one of our best SEO tips 2017 will have for marketers.


Google is starting to weigh snippets more heavily when it comes to page ranking.

By writing informative snippets, you could influence your page rank.

Need some tips?

Break down content into a step-by-step format. Add bullet points as applicable. Answer common questions your customers may have.

7. Don’t Forget Long-Form Content

Short content is great. It definitely has its place in any SEO strategy. That doesn’t mean long-form content should be discarded, though.

Google algorithms have shown that longer posts can boost a site’s ranking. If you typically write 500 to 700-word posts, try increasing that to 1,000 or 2,000-word posts instead.

That said, don’t write a novel just for the sake of your Google ranking. Every one of your posts doesn’t need to be 1,000+ words. Only write longer posts if the content calls for it.

8. Secure Your Site with HTTPS

Every website URL starts with HTTP. Do you know what this stands for?

The hyperlink transfer protocol source includes two forms of site security: Transport Layer Security or TLS and Secure Sockets Layer or SSL.

As technology continues to improve, so too does basic Internet security. That’s why more and more sites are using HTTPS, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

So what’s the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? The encryption, which adds an extra layer of security.

Why swap HTTPS for HTTP? Besides the added security for your customers, Google may favor sites with HTTPS more.

9. And One of the Top SEO Tips 2017 Has in Store? Social Media

Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube: social media is more prevalent today than ever.

If you don’t have social media profiles for your company, you need to change that.

More than just having these profiles, though, you need to post regularly. Don’t just share your content, but other content you find interesting, funny, or engaging. When you get comments, reply to as many as you can.

Customers look for a strong social media presence in a company. These customers may use social media to find you. They may also recommend you to others in their social circle.

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