9 Reasons You Need a UX Architect

UX - User Experience Architect

Have you ever heard of UX architects?

In today’s ever-changing world of technology, websites constantly have to update and improve their usability in order to get the most traffic.

Employing a UX architect could mean the difference between having an alright website and having the most successful website around.


Are you interested? We put together a guide to understanding the roles of UX architects and nine reasons why you should strongly consider seeking one of these professionals out.

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What Is A UX Architect?

A UX architect is responsible for presenting information and an organized structure on a website from the perspective of the user.

A UX architect is essentially an architect who ensures that a website is both user-friendly while also providing the information the website owner deems important and necessary. They will typically do a lot of research on new and innovative methods of improving usability.

A website’s usability is affected by the work of the UX architect, and usability is arguably the most important element of gaining traffic, regular users, and improving search engine optimization.

To better understand the UX architect’s role, it is important to differentiate UX architects from UX designers and UX analysts.

A UX designer is the creative person behind a website and implements the vision that the website owner has. A UX designer will code the website accordingly, maintain the aesthetic of the website, and manage the structure of the website in order to facilitate navigation.

A UX analyst is responsible for analyzing the behaviors and patterns of users. They will also analyze requirements set in place by the website owner and focuses specifically on usability and figuring out what makes users stay and leave.

Sometimes, a UX architect will take on some roles of the UX designer and UX analyst.

Nine Reasons You Should Get A UX Architect

Now that we’ve covered what a UX architect’s job is, let’s get into why employing one may be vital to the success of your website or application.

9. Multi-discipline expertise.

UX architects need to be well-versed in just about every aspect of the website to build and improve usability. Such elements of a UX architect’s expertise include great vision, an ability to adapt, information technology and architecture, project management skills, and artistic design.

When you employ a UX architect, you’re hiring someone who knows much more than just the basics.

8. A passion for customer satisfaction.

You, the website owner, are the customer. A UX architect’s job is to make sure you are completely satisfied with the look, usability, and traffic that comes into your website as a result of their hard work.

A UX architect is concerned about client satisfaction over everything else. If you decide to employ a quality expert UX architect, you can expect someone who is going to work with you, not against you. Your goals are their goals.

7. They know a little about everything.

Like we said before, you’re not just hiring a basic programmer when you hire a UX architect.

UX architects will have a workable knowledge in things other than usability, including business, research, visual design, writing, editing, communication, customer service, and other technical skills.

6. They understand your audience.

A UX architect will have a solid understanding of your target audience. Otherwise, your product or website would fail pretty miserably.

One of the first things a UX architect will ask you is what your target audience is. Whose eyes are you trying to get on your website? How many of those eyes stay or come back, and how can the usability of your website keep them?

By far, one of the most difficult challenges after going live with your website or application is to get that target audience to pay attention to it. A UX architect will aid in making the website or app very easy and pleasant to use so that those initial target audience views stay.

5. They won’t rush your project.

This can be both a good and a bad thing. A UX architect’s job is one that takes time. Because UX architects have to keep an eye one the UX design, architecture, and usability, the process will take a while.

However, this time is a blessing. Through hard work and collaboration with you, the website owner, a UX architect can transform your product into something incredibly successful.

Patience is key. Your budget and deadlines will be met if they want to build successful rapport with you.

4. They can build a natural– not awkward– interaction.

A UX architect can build interaction between your users and your website in a way that feels fluid and comfortable.

Without specific expertise, achieving this natural interaction is difficult. A UX architect is a pro at perfecting the natural flow aspect of usability.

3. They are expert problem solvers.

It is their job to find solutions to poor usability, after all. A UX architect can find the right problem with your website instead of jumping to easy conclusions of how to improve the overall project.

A project starts with objectives, boosting conversion, and getting to root causes of usability problems that can be difficult to figure out. A UX architect will take all of this one for you while getting to and repairing the root problems of your website’s usability through thorough investigation.

2. They’re unique thinkers.

We live in a constantly changing time. Coding, operating systems, and other technology seem to change every other day, and this is usually a direct result of how users think and what they want from the market.

A UX architect has the unique capability to be a convergent and divergent thinker. They can analyze the behaviors and problems of people in your target audience and implement solutions into your website for their needs.

Evaluation, comparing ideas, and consolidating solutions is how a UX architect can make your website to most innovative website out there.

1. They will immerse themselves in your specific business model.

This is important– no reputable UX architect would skip on listening intently and understanding your business model to the furthest extent.

With this knowledge in mind, a UX architect can properly maintain a website with unique business model goals in mind.

Redesign Your Website The Right Way

In order to have the most successful website possible, one will need to invest in high-quality SEO tools and employ professionals to improve the design of one’s website.

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