Email Marketing Made Simple: 5 Benefits of Using a WordPress Email Marketing Plugin

WordPress Email Marketing Plugin

Despite the rise of viral videos and social media trends, email marketing is still one of the most effective tools to grow your business. So whether you want to start a new email campaign or improve your existing email marketing strategy you need a reliable and easy-to-use service to help you.

A WordPress email marketing plugin allows you to do everything from adding a subscription form to sending automated emails to collecting user data. Below are 5 reasons you should use an email marketing plugin and how to pick the best WordPress plugins for your business.

1. All-In-One Solution

Between writing blogs, posting on social media, and researching SEO you don’t have much time for complicated email marketing strategies. With WordPress plugins, you can save time, money, and energy by creating and sending email campaigns from a single easy-to-use dashboard..

2. Manual or Automated


You can choose an email marketing plugin for WordPress that allows you to send automated emails to subscribers or site visitors. You can automatically send newsletters, thank you emails, and welcome emails.

But if you prefer to send emails manually – you can do that too! WordPress plugins make it easy to customize your email marketing solutions by providing options for your campaigns. For access to manual and automated email capabilities, custom subscription forms, and segmentation, consider the Sendinblue plugin.

3. Newsletter Capabilities

Newsletters are a great way to share information and sale offers with subscribers. If you want to send a newsletter to subscribers or a subset of subscribers, use the WordPress Newsletter plugin.

It will take you step-by-step through collecting emails, creating the newsletter (drag-and-drop style), and selecting the recipients. Other WordPress plugins have newsletter capabilities, but if the newsletter is your primary goal, try this plugin first.

4. Collect Data

One of the biggest benefits of an email marketing plugin is being able to collect data about your campaign. You can see how many people opened your email or clicked on each link. Statistics can help you identify whether you need to segment your emails differently or change the content within the email.

5. Easy to Use

Another benefit of using a WordPress email marketing plugin – it’s easy! You don’t have to be a tech wizard to find a template you like, customize it with your content, and send it out to your subscribers.

If you’re new to email marketing with WordPress, try the email subscribers & newsletter plugin. Take some time to play around with the different intuitive features and see what you like.

Start Using WordPress Email Marketing Plugin

Now you know why a WordPress email marketing plugin is a good idea so it’s time to get started on your email marketing campaign, Choose from the plugin options mentioned above based on your budget and your business’s current needs.

Remember that your marketing tool is only half the puzzle – you also need great content and a great website! If you need more tech tips, check out the abundance of other content we have on our site.