5 Major Signs Your Website Design Is Outdated

Website Design

Are you a small business owner? If so, then you are already very aware of the challenges of remaining competitive and profitable in the current marketplace.

After all, there’s more competition today than ever before. Thus you have to take advantage of every available resource in order to cut costs, rise above the crowd and attract new customers.

A professional website is one of the most important and powerful tools your business can use to engage with potential customers and clients. This article takes a look at some of the major signs that your website design needs to be updated.


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1. Your Webpages Load Slowly

Nothing is more annoying for users than pages with slow loading times. And you’ll see the impact of this reflected in your metrics when users don’t hang around for very long.

Once you’ve noticed that your website is sluggish, this is a clear sign that you need to hire a professional website designer to overhaul your site.

2. Your Website is Confusing Or Hard to Navigate

There’s no escape to have a website that’s challenging to navigate. This can also be a huge turnoff for your target audience. 

The key is to have a menu that is easy to understand and that allows visitors to easy to navigate from one page to another. An experienced website designer will understand how to provide the best customer experience, thus increasing web traffic and maximizing the amount of time users spend on each page.

WeberCo.io is a great example of the best web design companies in the business.

3. Your Website Has Poor Search Ranking

It’s no secret that the power of search is becoming increasingly important every year. That’s because customers use search to find just about anything they need.

That’s why it’s so important to embrace the power of SEO and to make sure that your website is optimized to improve search results. This is accomplished by maximizing the amount of web traffic that search engines drive to your website.

4. Failure to Embrace Social Media

Have you failed to embrace social media? Many business owners still consider themselves to be old school and therefore ignore the power of social media. 

Keep in mind that one of the smartest decisions you can make is to invest in an eCommerce website design that integrates your social media presence so that your reach is as expansive as possible. 

5. You Haven’t Updated Your Website in Years

Another mistake that many companies make is failing to update their website regularly. It’s important to understand that technology improves and changes, your website needs to be updated to take advantage of these changes.

An experienced website designer will be able to take what you already have and make it better using improved techniques that will make your website more appealing to visitors and more responsive.

A Businessowner’s Guide to Signs that Your Website Design Needs to Be Outdated

It’s no secret that you need a professional website in order for your company to be as competitive and profitable as possible. Fortunately, this guide to recognizing the signs that your website design is outdated will help you get ahead and stay ahead. 

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