5 Key Ways to Boost Marketing With Direct Mail

Boost Marketing With Direct Mail

Digital marketing offers your business a lot of marketing opportunities, but it’s also an incredibly cluttered marketing space. How many emails do get and leave unopened in a day? When was the last time you even glanced at a banner ad?

While the draw of digital can make traditional techniques seem quaint, it’s a mistake to overlook them. Marketing with direct mail offers an average 29 percent ROI. That makes it one of the most profitable types of marketing out there.

The question becomes, “How do I book my marketing with direct mail?” If you’re looking to switch up your marketing routine, keep reading for five tips on getting the most from your direct mail campaign.

1. Targeted List


The response rate your direct mail marketing gets will depend a whole lot on whether you used a well-targeted list. A targeted list is one that only includes recipients who meet certain criteria. A few common examples include:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Income
  • Previous purchases

A highly refined list will put your mail piece into the hands of the most receptive recipients. That boosts your response and purchase rate.

2. Personalize

Even basic personalization tactics like including the person’s name at the top of the mail piece can improve response rates. Depending on the printer you use, you can also employ variable data printing to insert other personalized factor into the mailing, such as a person’s industry or even type of pet.

The more you can personalize the marketing campaign, the more likely the campaign will connect with the recipient. That connection helps drive response.

3. CTAs

Direct mail isn’t on the list of long-term marketing solutions. The entire goal is for the recipient to take action while reviewing the mail piece or immediately after. That means you need one or more unambiguous calls to action, depending on the length of the mailer.

4. Graphics

When it comes to images in direct mail, you want them. You also want the best you can afford. Grainy or pixelated images and graphics don’t inspire confidence.

Invest in crystal clear pictures and graphics. The recipient may not recognize that they take the piece more seriously, but they will.

5. Use a Video Mailer

Are you asking, “What is a video mailer?” It’s quite literally a small LCD screen that you embed in your mailer with a video message. Like it or not, people respond better to video content than written content.

Use that to your advantage.

Marketing with Direct Mail of Your Business

As a business owner, you want results. Marketing with direct mail can help boost your marketing results.

The trick is that the direct mail piece isn’t a generic bit of flotsam that goes out to 10,000 recipients. You need mail pieces that go out to a targeted list with personalization embedded in the copy. You must provide clear CTAs and quality graphics.

If you’re investing heavily in direct mail, you can even use video mailers.

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