$avings 101: How to Advertise Your Business on a Budget


Fortune 500 companies spend trillions of dollars each year on advertising. This fact is both reassuring and intimidating as you plan your advertising strategy for the year.

On one hand, if big corporations are willing to shell out loads of money to advertise, it must be worth the effort. But on the other hand, you don’t have trillions to spend to get noticed by customers.

Here’s how to advertise your business without breaking the bank.

Partner with Vendors


You won’t get discounts from vendors simply by being nice. But you can get discounts by building meaningful relationships with promotional partners.

Vendors who offer services like Big T Printing can heavily discount your merchandise for profitable exchange. Think of how your services can benefit the vendor or their customers.

Not everything you offer has to come in the form of money. A joint event or discount offered to their customers might be just the boost they need to cut your invoice in half. 

Understand your value to vendors beyond being a customer. You never know when their customers might just be the winning ticket to elevating your business to its sales goals. 

Get Guerilla

The best things in life are free and advertising is no exception. But what you don’t spend on advertising dollars you’ll definitely spend on time.

Guerilla advertising in the digital age is all about relevance. Big corporations already have a monopoly on-screen real estate on most major ad platforms.

But this doesn’t mean they have a monopoly on being a free resource. In fact, many consumers scour the web and their local neighborhoods for free resources everyday.

They look for opportunities to solve problems without having to constantly hire or buy a product. Use the guerilla marketing strategy of free tutorials or videos that help customers in some way.

It might not be a direct correlation to your product at all. For example, if you sell umbrellas to moms, it’s still a good idea to post craft videos for kids to do on rainy days.

There’s a loose correlation between rain and umbrellas, but the article itself probably won’t earn you a direct sale. The purpose of articles and content like this is to build a relationship with the customer.

Over time, when the customer is looking for an umbrella, they’ll think of your brand first.

Stay Social

Social media is a chore. But you have to hang in there in order to reap the rewards of engagement.

Use a social media scheduler to keep your messaging on track without trading all your time. There are some services that allow you to plan your messages months in advance.

Set up a free account to keep your content fresh and interesting for your audience. 

How to Advertise Your Business for Free

The best form of advertising has an exponential impact. When thinking how to advertise your business for free, you’ll need to combine big impact with low cost.

This is easier said than done for busy entrepreneurs because it means spending more time on marketing than developing your products. But once you get the sales to boost, you can refocus your efforts to be more innovative in your industry.

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