9 Good Advertising Ideas That Actually Work


Did you know that an advertising campaign can help you launch a new product or make your brand more visible? If you want to discover some good advertising ideas and boost your business, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over advertising ideas and strategies that work.

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1. Advertise in a New Spot


Businesses throw money at online banners and magazine ads because they reach a lot of people.

Consumers get used to traditional placements and advertising. Sometimes, people will ignore these ads. Have you paid attention to a banner advert on a website in recent days, or do you look past it?

Get creative with your advertising. Instead of an article or billboard, you could do something different.

If you’re a chocolate company, you could sell some special chocolate at a local farmers’ market. You might reach a few people, but this approach is different. People will remember this service, and the word could spread.

Word of mouth is helpful because people share your service with their network. Unique kinds of advertising will get photographed and posted online by customers.

2. Give Away New Merchandise

What is the service or product your company offers? Can you think of something fun that will represent your company?

Custom merchandise is expensive, so you might not be able to get a lot of items. But people who walk away with a memorable gift can become intrigued by your company.

3. Hire a Graphic Designer

Companies tend to think about the quality of their service or product will make plenty of sales. A boring brochure or unattractive website could send the wrong message to customers.

Consider getting a repackaging of your product. Hire a graphic designer to create new artwork and designs. Add a distinct personality and character to your product.

4. Try a Live Stream

Live streaming is a fun way to provide a glimpse into your business. If you run a restaurant or coffee shop, show how you prepare your coffee or food.

Ask customers for their feedback or comments. Customers feel connected to a business when owners listen to their feedback.

You could ask them questions or invite them to ask questions while you make a coffee. Answer them and scroll down to make sure you don’t miss anyone.

5. Work With a Charity

One way to connect with new people and your community is to work with a non-profit or charity. Your employees will have a sense of happiness when they use their skills to help others.

Your team will value working at your company because you’re helping the community. You will make real change by helping others and connecting with new people.

6. Try Micro-Targeting

Instead of trying to target everyone in your campaign, try choosing a specific target. Consider the service or product that you hope to promote. Who will like the service or product?

Think about a unique way to reach your target. If a store sells specific camping backpacks, they might want to increase the sale of a particular bag. A business owner would think about who would use this kind of bag.

The owner could then look into their data to see the majority of sales. Do younger men prefer this type of bag or middle-aged women? The business could then target those customers.

7. Collaborate With a Local Business

Split the cost of advertising by working with another business. Pick a company that poses zero competition. Yet, you want to find a company that will offer services or products that compliment your product.

Do you have a coffee shop? Consider partnering with a local bakery. If you offer financial services, ask a local real estate company if they’d like to collaborate.

By working with other businesses, you can build a network of reliable companies. You’ll also double the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

8. Work With Influencers

We’re not talking about celebrities or actors. Instead, work with down to earth people who have a following on their social media channels.

Like micro-targeting, you can look for someone who is an excellent fit for your company. Consider their audience and decide if they are the kind of people you’d like to reach.

For example, if you’re an outdoors company, you could look online for travelers or hikers. If you want to sell more backpacks, you can search for an Instagram account run by a traveler.

By promoting your new backpack, you can expose your product to their audience.

9. Create a Pop-Up Event

Smaller events are a unique way to get more exposure for your business. You can connect with members of your local community. Do this alone, or you could partner with another company.

Don’t make a stand like the one you would for a trade show. Instead, do something different that people will enjoy. What would you enjoy if you went to an event? What would be something that you would remember?

If you’re a local bakery, you could involve your customers in the decorating process. An IT company could provide advice to customers or help solve problems.

For fun, you could also try human billboard advertising.

Now You Have Some Good Advertising Ideas

We hope this guide on creative advertising ideas was helpful. Take the time to consider what advertising would work best for your company.

Write down a list of these good advertising ideas. Brainstorm how you would promote your company.

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