What Does a Web Programmer Do?

Web Programmer

Have you thought about becoming a web developer but didn’t know where to start? You might be surprised that not having a relevant college degree is not that limiting of a hurdle. 

If you’ve ever had an idea for an app or software program, then you’re already way ahead of the game. If not, and you’re just interested in learning the basics, that’s fine too! Keep reading to find out how to turn your ideas and goals into reality. 

What Is a Web Programmer?

Programmers write code. Code that runs apps, websites, and software. Organizing this code into a functionally pleasing format is called markup writing. Generally, web designers will format the concept, and web programmers code it into being.


A web programmer’s skills and talent can be applied to a diverse amount of operations. In the technologically-driven world we live in, almost everyone needs a FB page, website, or to be found on Google. This is great news for newbie programmers!

If you’ve no experience with code, start the journey slowly. Learning HTML and CSS will give you the basic building blocks for developing a website. Build websites for friends and family, and once you’re confident, try to freelance for some small businesses near you. 

If this is where your journey ends, then great! You’ve already learned a very practical skill and applied it. However, if you’re journey continues, then learning Python and Javascript are your next steps up the web programmer ladder. 

With these tools, you will be able to work for bigger tech companies; writing security code for online banking, data collection, expanding artificial intelligence capabilities, and so much more!

Once you have these coding weapons under your belt, then it’s just a matter of finding your niche within the world wide web universe. Curious about the possibilities? Check these out

Types of Web Programmers

Front End Web Developer

A great place to start for a novice web programmer is on the visual side. What clients and customers actually see when they open your website or app. On the front end, you will be able to solidify your knowledge with HTML and CSS.

Back End Web Developer

Pretty much the opposite of a front end developer. Back end includes creating databases that store data for the websites and load in real-time, server scripts allow the website to have access to this data, and app programming interfaces (APIs) that allow interactions and sharing across different platforms. 

Full Stack Web Developer

When you’ve got the know-how to do both front and back end web development and simply cannot or do not want to choose.

World Wide Web At Your Fingertips

Quite literally, in fact. If you’re having trouble deciding whether solo online learning vs. going back to school is best for you, then check out these pros and cons for both options. 

Whatever your desired outcome for learning to code, you’ll be learning an invaluable new language(s), discovering new tech, and creating something new. Programmeur web and other websites have so much for the beginner coder to learn from.

It can be a double-edged sword with all the information so readily available these days. The trick is to not become overwhelmed, you can do this! 

Change your life and your career today by learning to code and applying it as a web programmer!