Top 4 Methods for Inbound Content Marketing

Inbound Content Marketing

These days, inbound marketing is one of the biggest forces in the advertising world. The reason is simple: it provides exceptional value.

Compared to traditional outbound ad campaigns, an inbound campaign is far less expensive. On top of that, it allows for more benefits and generates a higher rate of return. That said, the latter may only become obvious in the long term.

Not sure how to create an effective inbound content marketing campaign? Here are 4 common strategies that you may want to consider.

1. Webinars


The main function of webinars is to position your brand as an authority in your niche. They allow you to dive deeper into topics your audience finds interesting. In return, they give that same audience a better chance to connect with you.

Hosting a webinar is also a great method of growing your email list. To gain access to your event, each participant needs to register. These details always include their name and email, and you can ask for other lead generating info.

The best way to promote your webinar is to use your social channels. If you offer enough value during your presentation, each webinar will bring you new leads.

2. Live Streaming

Studies show that people spend 3 times longer watching live video than prerecorded video. These videos capture attention by auto-playing into your news feed. This is an opportunity to create a transparent experience that humanizes your brand.

Examples of live streaming include live Q&A sessions and highlighting recent developments. Once you engage your audience, it’s much easier to move them to action. This can include anything from opting-in your list to buying your products.

3. Interactive Content

Interactive content is a key part of any digital marketing funnel. It helps you attract an audience, foster engagement, and drive traffic to your site. Interactive content types include slideshows, polls, surveys, podcasts, and infographics.

The point of these tools is to offer your audience more ways to process your content. The longer your visitors remain on your site, the more you’ll improve your SEO. To learn more about the importance of SEO and digital marketing, click on that link.

4. Newsletters

A consistent newsletter is perfect for cultivating your email list. If you deliver it on the same day each month, it will set an expectancy with your subscribers. You can use it to share company news, promote events, and provide product details.

To make the most of your newsletter, use a colorful design that exudes your brand. Other than promoting your content, consider sharing the other key sources in your industry. Finally, don’t forget to add a large call-to-action button at the end.

More on Inbound Content Marketing

In 2020, inbound content marketing is one of the best ways to capture attention. That said, keep in mind that every brand has a unique audience. The more of these strategies you use, the easier it will be to find something that works for you.

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