The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Logo Colors: What You Need to Know

color swatches

The success of your business is essential. Every aspect of what you create for your brand speaks to your customers and helps them decide what decision to make. People often comprehend images better than text, so looking your best is essential for your brand’s survival.

When you start to dig deeper, it becomes clear that not only the look of your logo matters. Color psychology proves that every color you choose may be unintentionally saying something to your clients.

On the flip side, you can use the power of color to your advantage by creating a story with your logo that represents your vision. Color has a language all its own. What do you want your logo colors to say?


Are you ready to choose your logo colors to represent your brand the best way possible? Read on to find out how!

How Do You Choose Your Logo Colors?

Whatever business you’re in, you have the power to decide how you want your logo to look. Do you want to stick with the standards or branch out to set yourself apart from your competition? Here are some facts to help you figure out where to start.

  • What sort of emotion do you want to portray?
    • Warm and welcoming? Professional and knowledgeable? Comforting and familiar?
    • What colors come to mind when you think of each of these pairings?
  • What shades of color do you want to use?
    • Vibrant? Pastel? Primary?
    • Every color comes with thousands of slightly different shades and tints that can make a big difference in your logo.
  • How does your color pallet translate on different mediums?
    • Test your pairings on the computer, a mobile device, printed on paper, and other mediums.
    • Consider font colors, too, as sometimes font can get lost in the wrong colors.
  • Create color palettes for different seasons or personality.
  • Test a few different color combinations on real people. Get their feedback and maybe hold a vote to get some immediate interactions and exposure.
    • Mockup different alternative designs of your logo and post them on social media. Let your followers tell you what they want to see.
  • Do your colors work well together?
    • There are specific colors that are naturally complementary. Working within these ranges will make your logo look more professional and higher-end.
  • Check out your competitors and see how their logos look.
    • Don’t be afraid to shop around for inspiration. Knowing what your competitors are putting out, there can be a great way to decide where to start.

Pick Your Logo Colors

Are you ready to pick your logo colors? Are you prepared to design a palette that speaks to your audience and represents your brand?

Take some time, do your research, and get the opinions of your peers and customers. One of the most potent characteristics of your logo will be the colors you pick.

How does your logo stack up in the industry? Does it stand out or blend in? Whatever you make, be proud of it and see the difference a well designed and colored logo can have on your business!