How to Grow Your Blog: A Fashion Blogger’s Guide to Online Success

fashion blogger working

You know the latest trends before they catch on. Your friends come to you for fashion advice.

Running a fashion blog is the perfect fit for you. It lets you share your fashion expertise and fashion with a larger audience.

It could even pay the bills eventually if you can grow your audience and monetize. But how do you make people realize you know your stuff? Figuring out how to grow your blog traffic can seem daunting and slow.


It’s not something that happens overnight. But you can take consistent, effective steps to get more people to visit.

Check out these seven tips for growing your fashion blog.

Choose Your Fashion Niche

Yes, you’re a fashion blogger. But that’s not quite narrow enough to really hone in on your niche.

It may seem like it’s best to cast a wide fashion net, but you’ll have more return visitors if you target a specific type of fashion.

Think about the type of fashion you wear and enjoy. Maybe you like western looks or edgy urban styles. Perhaps you’re an expert at putting together capsule wardrobes, or you excel at helping busy moms nail a put-together high-end fashion look while also expertly navigating the school pick-up line.

Whatever your fashion expertise, put it to work to help grow your blog. Having that niche helps you grow a loyal base of readers who want that type of content.

Nail the Content

Fashion blogging is very much a visual niche. Without professional-quality images, you’ll struggle to get traffic and encourage repeat visits.

You also need quality written content that provides your fashion expertise. Keep the content interesting. Boring copy will cause visitors to leave quickly and never return.

You don’t need a massive content library to have a successful blog. A few high-quality posts trump a large number of poorly created posts. 

Create quality posts consistently to give your visitors a reason to stick around on your blog.

Set Yourself Apart

Your niche is the start of setting yourself apart, but no matter what fashion niche you choose, there will be other bloggers in that area. 

Showing how you’re different than those bloggers helps you build a cult-like following. 

Don’t get caught up in following the fashion-blogging trends. If you’re doing the same thing as the top fashion bloggers because it’s working for them, you’re showing a lack of creativity. You’re not giving anyone a reason to visit your blog instead of theirs.

Let your fashion creativity show. Put together your own looks instead of copying what other fashion bloggers are doing.

Another way to set yourself apart is to show your personality. Being a blogger means you put yourself out there for judgment. It’s easy to hide behind a persona you think everyone will love.

But your true fans miss out on your unique personality when you create a false persona. Being yourself attracts the people who’ll truly appreciate you and stick with you. 


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex and ever-changing area, but it’s important in helping people find your fashion blog. SEO basically makes your blog easier to find when people search for different topics online.

Keywords play a central part in SEO. Using keywords that people are searching for can help your blog posts show up in search results.

Building links also helps your site rank higher in search results. When sites link to one another, it helps boost your authority in the eyes of search engines.

You’ll also want a website that runs efficiently, including fast-loading pages. Easy navigation and posts that are easy to scan also help. Use short paragraphs, headings, and an easy-to-read layout to improve your blog.

Incorporate Social Media

Social media consumes 2 hours and 23 minutes of time each day for the average user. Are you taking advantage of the popularity of social media?

Growing your social media following can help you nudge those followers toward your blog.

Fashion blogging works well with many social media platforms. Instagram is a good option because of the visual emphasis. The photo-based platform lets you attract followers through your strong images.

Pinterest is another visual platform where you can show off your fashion images. You can link directly to your blog posts on Pinterest to drive traffic.

YouTube is an option if you enjoy making fashion videos. You can link to your blog from each video description to get more traffic.

Avoid too much self-promotion on social media platforms. Share other people’s content, too. Engaging with your followers can also encourage them to visit your blog and follow you loyally.


Collaborations with brands and other bloggers help you reach new audiences. This can grow your audience faster.

Build relationships with other fashion bloggers to ease into collaborations. A collaboration proposal is received better if you already have a connection with another blogger.

You might create a joint post or hold a giveaway together. Or you might simply take turns sharing and promoting each other’s posts.

Building relationships with fashion brands can help you reach a huge audience. As a beginning blogger, you’ll likely have better luck with emerging fashion brands.

As you grow, you may grab the attention of larger fashion brands. You could have the opportunity to do sponsored posts or other collaborations with the brands.

When you work with a brand, they’ll often share your posts with their audiences. Depending on the size of the audience, you could get your name in front of a large number of people.

Be Consistent

One of the biggest parts of growing a fashion blog is being consistent and patient. Blog readership doesn’t grow overnight for most people. It’s slow, consistent growth that helps you eventually reach your goals.

Posting on a regular basis lets your followers know when to expect new content. You don’t have to post daily or multiple times weekly. That can be overwhelming and can decrease your quality.

But putting out new blog posts on a regular basis keeps people coming back for more. 

How to Grow Your Blog

Figuring out how to grow your blog as a fashion blogger can seem overwhelming. But using strategic methods to increase traffic and engagement helps you grow and potentially monetize your fashion blog.

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