What is a Common SEO Trend? 7 Techniques That Are Gaining Popularity

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You’re always ahead of the popular trends in SEO. 

You remember when mobile-friendliness was the top SEO trick, how a simple Google Algorithm change could send everyone into a panic, and even when hashtags came around.

Your knowledge of the next big “SEO trend” is what’s allowed you to be so successful over the years. You’re not about to let the ranking you’ve worked so hard to earn slip.


So, which SEO tips and tricks do you need to know about right now? 

Read on to find out.

1. Voice Search 

The biggest SEO trend of 2019 is, by far, the rise of voice search. 

Now, your goal should be to get your content to rank in the “featured snippets” section of search engine results. 

This means that tools like Alexa, Siri, Echo, and other smart objects will read your blog/website content out loud to the searcher. To increase the likelihood of this happening, include short answers to the most common questions your business gets asked in your content. 

Aim to create content that answers, “who, what, where, when, and why?” questions to rise in the rankings. 

2. Video Marketing on Social Media 

Video marketing is still one of the most popular trends in digital marketing, but now social media is seen as a much stronger video marketing platform than in the past. 

Videos should no longer be shared exclusively on YouTube or your website. Whether you decide to make them permanent posts, feature them in your highlights reel, or only make them visible for 24, you need to include videos on your social media feeds. 

You can do live interviews, shoot a traditional ad, demonstrate a product…the sky is the limit. 

Relevant hashtags and even working with industry influencers will make your video that much more successful. 

3. Longer Content

Despite the constant complaints about the “short attention span” of today’s consumer, longer content is fast becoming as popular — and effective — as these SEO trends.  

For videos, as long as you’re providing engaging information,  feel free to go up to the two-minute market.

Believe it or not, today’s marketing experts say that 2,000-word posts are the “sweet spot” for blog posts in 2019. 

That’s because longer posts offer more detailed, different, and more engaging information than shorter blurbs. Consumers want to feel like they’re getting the whole story now — not a single piece of it.

4. Brand Mentions

Don’t you wish you could get an SEO boost every time someone mentioned your brand on social media, on their own blog, or anywhere else online? 

Well, thanks to the rise of brand mentions as a part of today’s SEO strategy, you can. Think of brand mentions as the future of link building — without having to include any links. 

Today’s search engines are actively taking note of when people mention your brand’s name online. In fact, even when someone sends another person a link to your site in a private message, it can still end up improving your overall SEO score. 

In short? 

Worry less about linking for now, and more about generating any sort of online buzz.

5. SEO for Amazon

In addition to considering search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube (more on that later) you need to update your SEO strategy for Amazon. 

Amazon is often more convenient and much more instantaneous than Google. Consumers can get all the information they need in one place, from reviews and pricing to tips on how to use the product and shipping options. 

Now, consumers are actively using Amazon as a search engine. They type in the kinds of products they want and see which ones rank first or have the highest ratings. 

If you haven’t started optimizing your Amazon listings for SEO, now is definitely the time to start. 

6. Guest Posting

Today’s consumers know more about SEO than you might expect — and they can tell when you’re including internal and external links just to boost your score. 

If you want to maintain your clients’ trust and avoid overlinking, (and sending people away from your content) what should you do? 

Switch to guest posting instead. 

First of all, it increases your brand authority. But more importantly, guest posting for the right website or blog gives you a direct line to your target audience. You can include links to your own site in your posts, or simply in your “About The Author” blurb.

7. YouTube as a Search Engine

We’ve already spoken about the rise of video marketing and the emergence of Amazon as a search engine alternative to Google. 

You also need to know that today’s SEO best practices include optimizing your video content for YouTube searches. 

This means categorizing your videos and including relevant tags. It also means using keywords in your video descriptions, choosing an appealing thumbnail image, and even using closed captioning to boost your keyword SEO score. 

Want to Stay Ahead of the Next Big SEO Trend?

Especially if your search engine rankings have been lagging a bit as of late, implementing the SEO tricks in this post will help you to quickly turn things back around. 

Of course, you already know that the world of SEO moves at a mile-a-minute. Once people catch on to one SEO trend, the next one is already being formed. 

You need to make sure you’re always several steps ahead. 

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