How to Reach Millennials: 3 Digital Marketing Tips That Work

millennials sitting outside

Did you know that millennials don’t trust traditional marketing techniques?  So, regular ad techniques like print and TV ads that worked for the baby boomers don’t work for millennials.

So, how can you engage with and reach this highly influential group of people? After all, about 46 percent of the US workforce will consist of millennials by the year 2020.

Therefore, ignoring them because you’re used to a certain way of advertising won’t cut it. Unless you’re willing to completely forgo that market segment, you need to know how to reach millennials.


The following marketing tips have been proven to get their attention and response.

Social Media Marketing

The average millennial actively spends more than 24 hours online every week. This means that they spend an average of 3.5 hours every day online.

And guess what? They spend this time during their leisure periods. Interestingly, ad response is best when the target audience is relaxed.

This means that they do not need traditional advertising as they spend the bulk of their time on the internet. Most of their time is spent on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

This is where you can actively engage with them. The good news is there are various ways to do this through social media marketing.

These include influencer marketing, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ads, and organic social media marketing.

Paid Search

A second effective strategy is the use of paid search. These are popular online platforms where you can place your ads and specifically target millennials with your products and services.

The most common platforms include Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn Ads. You can also advertise on social media platforms. Please note that Microsoft Advertising offers ads on Yahoo and Bing.

So, when you choose just Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, you’re essentially choosing to advertise on the two biggest search engines.

Done correctly, Google and Yahoo will drive a lot of traffic to your offers. And, they’ll reach millennials more.

Video Marketing

Youtube is currently known as the world’s second-largest search engine. With billions of searches executed there every day, using this platform for your digital marketing campaigns will get you good results.

Techcrunch says the average US resident spends 6 hours daily watching videos on Youtube. That translates into 42 hours a week. Many of those who watch videos are teenagers and millennials.

If you’re not doing video marketing, you need to start right away if you want to reach more millennials.

According to Google, Youtube generates better returns on investment than standard TV advertising. This is probably why major brands like Kellogg’s spend as much as 70 percent of their ad budget on Youtube ads.

Is That All on How to Reach Millennials?

The aforementioned tips are super effective if you’re interested in how to reach millennials with your ads. Used properly, you’ll find your ads will perform effectively, and generate good returns.

If you want more digital marketing tips for reaching millennials, keep browsing our site.