Most Successful Applications for Mobile Devices Have These 4 Things in Common…


Almost 5 billion people across the world use mobile phones. That number and its rate of growth is the reason why so many developers have started focusing on building applications for mobile devices over any other computing system.

If you’re thinking about getting into the app arena, we certainly don’t blame you. After all, as we’ve just illustrated, you stand a great chance of experiencing success based solely on the size of the mobile audience.

Unfortunately, though, market opportunity doesn’t always translate into success. Many mobile apps are developed and never find a way to resonate with an audience.


To help you get the most out of your application, below, we outline 4 elements that most successful applications have in common so you can hopefully follow in their footsteps.

1. They Solve an Issue

People download applications not just because they like putting things on their phone but because they have a problem of some sort.

Maybe they need to find a way to find a cheap car. Maybe they’re looking for a way to stay entertained on long bus rides.

Understanding a problem that exists in the world and developing an application that aims to address it is paramount to your mobile application finding an audience.

2. They’re Simple to Use

Not everybody is as tech savvy as you are. As a general rule, you need to think about your most simple user and tailor every element of your application to them.

The more simple your app is, the more likely you’ll be to capture the widest possible audience segment.

3. They’re Widely Available

Speaking of audience segments, do you know the fastest way to reduce your customer base?

Developing for a single platform.

In the mobile market, most phone users are either on iOS or Android. While Android has a bigger worldwide market share, we recommend building your app for both platforms so you can maximize your profits.

4. They’re Developed By a Professional Team

There are a lot of DIY application building tools out there today. While these tools make application development accessible to a wider audience,  building an application with limited skills is a sure-fire way to have it fade into the background.

There are too many variables, platforms, operating systems, etc. for a non-experienced developer to maintain an application that has a large market.

For that reason, most successful applications splurge on hiring professional coders like those at Coventry web design or those that work out of other local development agencies.

Our Final Thoughts on Elements That Most Successful Applications Embody

Emulating most successful applications gives your application a great chance of cutting through the clutter and finding its audience.

Remember, success leaves clues. Follow in the footsteps of giants and one day, you’ll walk among them!

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