7 Key Tips to Make Your Brand Stand Out on Social Media


According to FitSmallBusiness, it takes just 10 seconds for someone to develop an impression of your company’s brand.

That’s it. 10 seconds.

With an effective brand strategy, you can tell social media followers everything you need to within those first few seconds. That way, your brand makes an impact and ensures your company stands out from the crowd. 


Here are seven key tips for trend-worthy, standout branding!

1. Get Personal

To really make your brand wow-worthy and memorable, give your company brand a personality.

That includes everything from a consistent tone and voice to eye-catching imagery. After all, your company’s brand should appear relatable and real.

To accomplish that goal, do a little research on your target audience. Who do they trust for advice and what are they looking for in a product or service? Check for influencers within your industry as well. 

These people can tell you a lot about what your customers care about.

Then, craft a brand personality that reflects those priorities. A strong voice can help your brand stand out in a sea of social media accounts. It can also make your brand seem real—like the friend your customers would go to for advice and assistance. 

A brand personality tells people who you are and what your priorities are as a company, too.

With a personal brand, you can discover what makes you stand out and keep your customers caring!

2. Make It Visual

We scroll through hundreds of social media posts every day. It takes a real eye-catching post to make us pause and ponder.

For an effective social media strategy, consider what your followers are looking for in content. 

Show off your product or service’s value. You can even demonstrate fun, quirky ways to use the product that customers may not have considered before.

Making your brand visual will help ensure the imagery remains rooted in people’s minds. It’s also a fun, engaging way to demonstrate your brand personality.

Whether you’re going for playful or professional, visual elements give your brand life.

Using these tips to make your brand stand out on social media, you can also ensure the company makes a visual and emotional impact on your followers.

3. Slay with Storytelling

Once you have your brand personality and visual materials, give your content a story. A well-written caption can breathe life into your brand and help that personality shine.

These captions can also help you highlight your company’s value.

That way, followers focus on what makes you stand out from the competition. This value will also help them choose your product or service over someone else’s in the future. 

Storytelling can also encourage followers to engage with your content.

A strong caption can entice them to react, ask questions, or mention their own experiences with your product. 

Engaging followers with your content is an essential component of ensuring your brand stands out. You can also discover how to engage your customers with packaging in this article.

Using storytelling, you can determine new methods to make your brand stand out.

4. Mix It Up

You don’t have to stick to the same content day after day. That can make your brand appear stale and tired. Instead, mix it up!

In addition to photos and videos, help your brand stand out by posting stories, polls, and contests as well. 

These content types will also encourage your followers to engage with your content. That way, you’re drawing them in and making your followers (and perhaps future customers) a part of the experience. 

5. Stick to a Schedule

A few social media posts aren’t enough to ensure your brand stands out.

Instead, you need to post content on a schedule. Using analytics, you can determine the peak times to post on social media. That way, you’re optimizing your content for the most engagement. 

You can also develop themed posts or events to post on a reoccurring schedule.  

Make these reoccurring posts a part of your brand. That way, followers associate these posts with your company and no one else. 

For example, a flower shop can create a “Flower Power Friday” post that highlights a different flower every week. Meanwhile, another company might do a weekly Q&A to help customers learn more about the company.

These posts bring followers back every week and help them associate specific content with your brand.

6. Strategize

If you’re trying to determine how to make your business stand out from the competition, you need a full-fledged strategy.

First, determine your goals. Are you trying to boost website traffic, brand awareness, online sales, or social media followers? Once you determine your digital marketing goals, you can craft your social media content to reflect these objectives.

Strategizing also helps you determine the best ways to achieve these goals. 

If your focus is brand awareness, determine what your followers care about most.

For example, let’s say the majority of your followers are concerned about the environment. You can create a post that shows followers how your company takes initiatives to remain environmentally-friendly.

Once you strategize, you can boost brand awareness as well as brand loyalty.

With loyal customers, you can improve customer retention as well. Just a two percent increase in loyal customers can cut costs by 10 percent.

That way, your social media marketing strategy works to boost your business growth, too.

7. Make It Fun!

When trying to boost your brand, don’t forget to have fun with it!

The best brands focus on making connections with customers. Instead of trying to force sales, make your company’s brand real and relatable. 

Create quizzes, hosts caption contests, and offer giveaways to get followers engaged. Show them who your company is by using fun marketing methods to spark their excitement.

That way, they’ll start to care about your brand and stick around for the long term.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

With these seven tips to help your brand stand out, you can develop a buzz-worthy brand that customers care about!

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