Tips for Creating a Successful Landing Page


What makes a good landing page? Moreover, what makes a successful landing page? You might take these two questions as being hand-in-hand, and you’d be almost entirely correct.

A truly good landing page is one that entices, engages, and propels a user to your site or service. As a result of meeting these expectations, your landing page can become successful.

This is the goal of any web developer or business-owner: to create a system or product that drives a customer closer to interest and loyalty. If you’re an online marketer who wants to drive sales or SEO, keep reading for some key tips for building an effective landing page.

1. Make Your Value Clear


One of the best ways to present value is to show comparison-data. For example, if you want a user to know the value of your product, you can list a universal difference between what you offer and other people say they offer.

This leads to adding big-hitting statistics. Try keeping the number of stats you include to a minimum. However, make sure what you’re saying shows how well your service compares to the stat you’re sharing.

You can also add a list of the technologies your service uses to leverage customer-needs. Doing this raises the amount of trust between you and your prospects. People will trust technologies that are popular and have clear results.

Don’t be afraid to show off your businesses past successes on your landing page. This mini-portfolio can also include links to past assignments and the technologies you used.

Remember, your goal is to raise trust and convey value in short a time as possible. When you do this effectively, a call-to-action is implied in the reader without you having to tell them what to do.

2. Iterate Through Landing Pages

The more landing pages you make the higher your odds of creating strong leads. Not only that but like any project that goes through many iterations, you can refine your landing-model rapidly by creating many designs.

In a sense, you can think of your landing page as a poster for your website. It doesn’t have to have a lot of interaction or animation, it just requires an ample amount of surface-beauty to get people moving closer to your product.

If you don’t want to put forth the time and effort, you can use tools to automate your landing page generation. Doing this will save money and increase leads.

3. Sharing is Caring

Make your landing all about shareability. When you’re building your first landing page, you need to make sure the effect is concentrated on more than one user at a time. For example, if your landing can motivate users to share your content on social media, more people will be attracted by your landing page.

Therefore, you can think of your landing page as a multiplier for views and clicks. If you present your service as something worth sharing, you can boost the popularity of your site before a user makes it inside.

Here’s a way to do this. Include a mind-boggling statistic on your landing. Don’t stop there, instead, have the statistic connect to a shareable link for others to hear about.

4. Keep Things Simple

Simple and direct imagery is easier to process. If you’re wondering how to create a landing page, start by looking at other designs online or your own homepage. Your homepage should be clear and nondistracting.

The same goes for your landing. When you start the design process, keep your colors and designs uniform and simple as possible. Do the same for the actual text you’re using to motivate users to your site.

Accomplishing this does two things:

  1. It improves UX
  2. It shows users the way to your product or service

In short, don’t try to impress through superfluous design, rather, talk about what’s good about your site in a simple way. These tips will make your clients listen next time you advertise your website.

5. Align Your CTA

In other words, have your landing page and your website contain the same message and motivators. When you’re making a landing, your client shouldn’t experience asymmetrical information.

Case in point: you’re making a website that has at least 8 directions and your overall motivator relies on a customer being able to choose between their options. When you’re wondering how to make a good landing page for this website, you want to make sure your prospective customer gets that your website isn’t about one thing.

Furthermore, your call-to-action should direct a user closer and closer to your product or service. Even if your website itself is the product, you want your landing page to motivate users in the same direction as your website.

 A Successful Landing Page Makes A Better Website

Imagine the beginning of this article was a landing page. When you started, there was a promise for more relevant and useful information. Now that you’re here, you can trade your interest for an even more useful result.

You’re moments away from learning about the tools and applications that power online marketing. After reading this far, you’ve learned about some key aspects behind a gripping landing page, and now you’re more set to begin drawing in prospects like crazy.

Here’s your next step to action. Now that you know some secrets to build a successful landing page, uncover more facts and tips behind the world of SEO and digital marketing. Don’t wait for the internet to pass you by, instead, check out for a tutorial to boost your standing on the web.