Top 10 Tips to Find the Best Full Service Marketing Agency

full service marketing agency

Are you having marketing problems?

Whether you’re having trouble targeting a specific age demographic or just aren’t sure how to get word of your business out to the people who need it most, sometimes the best course of action is to bring in a team of marketing professionals.


Working with a full-service marketing agency can help you overcome the hurdles that are holding your business back and help you reach a larger audience than you ever thought possible.

But, how do choose the right marketing agency? How do you make sure you’re working with qualified individuals and not throwing your money down the drain?

Read on for ten tips that will simplify your search for the best full-service marketing agency.

What to Look for in a Full-Service Marketing Agency

There are thousands of marketing agencies throughout the United States, so you have a lot to choose from.

While it’s nice to have options, it’s also easy to feel overwhelmed during your search. The answers to these questions can help you sift through all your options and find the best agency for your business’s needs.

1. What are Your Needs?

First things first, you need to figure out what you want from the marketing agency you’re considering hiring.

Before you start interviewing potential agencies, sit down with your team and figure out what kinds of things you need help with.

Are you having trouble with creative projects (copywriting, video production, etc.?). Or, is search engine optimization holding you back?

Whatever your needs are, make sure they’re clearly defined so you can figure out if a specific agency can meet them. You should also identify your long- and short-term marketing goals.

2. Do They Understand Your Goals?

Some marketing agencies offer cookie cutter services and don’t take into account each client’s specific goals.

Once you know what you need and want help with, make sure the agency you’re considering working with can meet those goals.

Do they take the time to listen to your needs? Do they offer realistic suggestions for how they can meet those needs?

3. Can You Build a Relationship with Them?

You’re probably going to be spending a lot of time working with the marketing professionals you end up hiring. So, you need to make sure you can build a genuine, long-term relationship with them.

Do you like the people who work at the agency? Do you feel that they listen to your concerns and are genuinely interested in the outcomes of your projects?

4. Do They Have a Methodical Approach?

It’s true that every marketing agency should take into account each client’s unique needs. But, they should still have a methodical way of tackling projects that yield results and reduces risk.

When you’re looking for the right marketing agency for your business, ask them about how their specific process works. Be sure also to ask if they’ll give you regular updates throughout the project.

5. What are Their Strengths?

Every marketing agency has something different to offer. Some specialize in selling a specific type of product, while others make great video content for all kinds of businesses.

Go back to your list of needs and goals and look for a company that offers services that will help meet those needs.

This is especially important if your business offers a very niche product or service. You’ll need to work with a marketing agency that understands what you’re all about and can represent your business in the right way.

6. Does Their Current Work Match Your Style?

Do some research and find out if the marketing agency you’re considering hiring does work that matches your specific style.

Most agencies post samples of their work online. For example, this website has the company’s portfolio available, so you can easily get a feel for the kind of work they do.

Check out their content and don’t worry about being too critical. You’re going to be paying these people to advertise your business — you need to make sure you’re satisfied with the type of work they’re producing.

7. Can You Afford Their Prices?

As with all things in business, price matters. There’s usually some room for negotiation when it comes to determining the final price. But, if a marketing agency’s services are way beyond what you can afford, you may need to look elsewhere.

When it comes to setting a price, it’s important to be flexible. Consider putting your quote on a spectrum rather than giving them one number to work with.

If you can’t negotiate on price, consider being flexible on other aspects like contract length or clauses within the contract.

8. What are Their Client Retention Rates?

When you’re interviewing marketing agencies, be sure to ask about their client retention rate.

It’s true that not all partnerships are meant to last for a long time. But, if the agency doesn’t seem to have any long-term relationships with clients, this is a red flag.

If you’re looking for a long-term marketing partner, make sure they seem like a company that’s up to the task.

9. Do Their Values Match Yours?

Agencies that share your business’s cultural values will be easier to work.

In addition to looking at the type of work they do and the price of their services, pay attention to the company culture and how their staff is treated. For example, do the workers seem passionate about their jobs?

10. Are They Able to Scale?

Finally, make sure your potential marketing agency can scale their projects when necessary.

No matter how experienced they are, sometimes, things just don’t go according to plan. The agency you’re working with should be able to respond to changes and scale projects without sacrificing the quality of their work.

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