Top 5 Veterinary Marketing Tips

veterinary marketing

Are you a practicing veterinarian? There are currently 76,869 practicing veterinarians in the U.S. And with an estimated job growth of 18.8 percent, implementing veterinary marketing ideas into your business model will become more and more vital to your success.

By focusing your time on targeted marketing strategies that help your business in the local area, you’ll be able to help your own business as well as more animals and owners.


Here’s how to use veterinary marketing tactics to bring in more customers and conversions to your vet business.

Simple SEO

Online marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. With a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization, you can be on your way to topping veterinarian listings in no time.

As a local business, you’ll want to be on top for local listings and searches. Simple, right? By stating your location wherever relevant on your website, search engines will learn to associate your business with that location.

This allows them to better target your page toward local searchers. Be sure your address, phone numbers, and company title are also easily “crawled” on your website. This means they need to be easily listed in the header and/or footer.

No too bad, right? You can even further your understanding of basic SEO in 15 minutes or less.

Enlisting Veterinary Marketing Ads

While simple SEO will get you in a search engine index, sometimes organic SEO alone can’t drive your business. By enlisting ads, you’ll be able to guarantee traffic or even clicks to certain lead pages on your website.

This means that depending on how much you spend on an ad, you can rank for particular keywords and guarantee to show up in those searches. Using keywords like “veterinarian in my city” can be extremely rewarding in this case.

Whenever someone searches for that service in your city, they’ll read your name, and maybe even convert. Score!

We know that paying for ads can sound foreign and scary. But it’s important to consider as a portion of a working business model. Google Adwords is a safe tool to learn and utilize in your online veterinary marketing tactics.

Veterinary Blogging

As a vet, your business relies on getting people to trust you with their beloved pets or animals. That means that online blogging offers you a way to reach a multitude of potential customers in a personal way-but all at once.

Business to consumer companies were found to receive 4x as many leads when blogging 11+ times per month, when compared to companies blogging only 4-5 times a month.

And we’re not talking about traffic-we’re talking about leads! By simply putting the time and effort into sharing your expertise and general veterinary advice online, you can ease your clinic’s stability by creating leads for free.

Vital Services

You provide vital services as a vet. By encouraging your customers to spay and neuter your pet, you encourage taking care of the animals we hold dear and ensuring future generations of animals are not abandoned.

Your clinic or partnership is also a business. Looking to learn more and optimize your vet website? Check out our favorite SEO plugins to further aid your business.