7 Benefits of Using Repurposed Content

repurposed contentRepurposing content can be confusing for many website owners. Is it cheating? Are you duplicating content?

All of these questions can cause many blog and website owners to not go through the process of repurposing content. That’s a shame because the effectiveness of it is massive.

The issue with releasing content specifically for every platform is simply a question of time. It’d be very time consuming to produce individual content for say, Instagram videos, snapchat stories, YouTube and an email and blog post if you designed them all individually.


That’s where repurposed content comes in. It allows you to recycle your content and maximize your exposure through different audiences.

Let’s go through some of the benefits of using repurposed content in your business.

Seven Reasons You Should Be Using Repurposed Content

We know that content marketing is huge. Its revenue worldwide has topped an incredible $144 billion. With so much value in creating content for your business, it makes sense to maximize the amount of content you’re producing.

Repurposing content can be very easy. You can turn a webinar into a video tutorial, a blog post into a guide and your YouTube video into Instagram posts or Snapchat Stories.

It can be easy to recycle your content across multiple platforms, but why should you be doing it? Well, there are a ton of reasons but here are seven of the biggest benefits we can think of.

1. Expand One Idea into Multiple Topics

When you have an idea for a topic, not all aspects of it will neatly fit into your platform. It may be that you write an extensive blog post explaining your idea, but your audience could benefit from a 30-second snippet on how to put it into action.

In that situation, you can repurpose the content of your blog into 2 x 15 second Instagram stories. This means your one idea is reaching multiple, and different audiences across different platforms.

Creating a strong visual campaign can be challenging, but putting one idea into multiple pieces of content can help to bolster your marketing message.

You can often build multiple ideas that can all appeal to different audiences. This allows you to create different pieces of content from one idea.

It sure saves a lot of brainstorming time.

2. Your Content Creation Time Becomes Massively Reduced

When you’re creating multiple pieces of content from one topic, you can cut your content creation time dramatically.

By creating multiple pieces of content from the same videos and reworking sentences from a blog post into a social media post, you can save a lot of time in producing your content.

Many content creators will pre-plan what platforms they’re going to use and create all of the pieces of content at once. This reduces research time, hunting for images and many other aspects.

3. You Can Serve Multiple Audiences

The top three content marketing tactics are blogging (65%) social media (64%) and case studies (64%). When you want to hit all of the content sweet spots, you can use repurposed content to target audiences from different platforms.

Social media is one of the most obvious places you can serve lots of different audiences from different platforms. The beauty of repurposing is, although you should edit your content specifically for the platform you’re working on, you can create a lot of the raw footage in one go.

This allows you to repurpose your content easily and reach a much wider audience that if you spent all your time putting it out on one platform.

4. You Can Cross-Promote Your Content

When you’re serving multiple audiences, you also have a massive opportunity to promote your other pieces of content.

You can share a blog post you write on social media. You can build infographics on Pinterest which you feature in blog posts. You can create videos that you embed, and you can cross-promote videos on platforms like Instagram and Facebook with ads or even just with regular organic content.

This cross promotion helps to grow your following and expose your content to multiple audiences. Success on one platform can bring you further success across to another platform.

5. Repurposing Extends Your Content’s Longevity

When you write a piece of content, different platforms will have a different shelf-life for your content. A tweet’s content life is about two minutes, a Facebook post might be 12 hours, an Instagram post could be three days, and Pinterest could be a month.

Repurposing your content across multiple platforms could mean that instead of your content going dead in the water in the first few days, you can extend its life. By exposing your content to a wider audience, your content lifespan will increase.

6. Increase Retention & Your Brand Credibility

Repetition is a powerful tactic in marketing. The trouble is people get tired of hearing the same old thing over and over again from marketers.

To cut through the noise, you want to get creative and deliver your content in different ways. That’s what repurposed content gives you the power to do.

By doing this, you can increase your authority, which will help you to define your brand online.

7. Increase The Value of Your Content

The amount of content publishers are producing every single day is massive. New pieces of content are going online all the time and helping you increase the value of your own content.

Repurposing your content across multiple platforms means you can reinforce and bundle together your content, creating a powerhouse of information.

If a user wants long videos, short video explainers, or audio and text, you can optimize your content for each of those platforms to deliver that to your audience. This means your content becomes infinitely more valuable because you’ll have something for everybody.

You’ll also be providing your value in different ways, which means much better content overall.

How Will Your Business Use Repurposed Content?

Repurposed content can be valuable for your audience in a ton of different ways. Whether you want to reach new audiences, create better brand authority or increase the value of your content, repurposed content can do it all for you.