3 Supplements to Increase Productivity in the Office

increase productivity

It happens to the best of us. The closer it gets to quitting time, the more the day seems to drag.

You feel sluggish. You try to concentrate on the task at hand but you can’t seem to stay focused.


It’s not just an employee’s problem, either. Higher ups should take note – lack of focus leads to loss of productivity. That issue alone has cost companies $550 billion per year!

That’s a lot of money! But let’s pull back from the big picture and look at three supplements that can get your focus back on track and increase productivity.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

There is one place you want fat in your body – your brain! In fact, 60% of it is made out of fat.

That’s why omega-3 fatty acids are perfect for helping you focus. These healthy fats help with memory retention and neural transmission.

You’ll think faster, remember more, and increase productivity with omega-3 fatty acids. Try a fish oil capsule to get these into your diet.


This is the old tried-and-true standby to increase productivity. There’s a reason why there’s a coffee pot in every office kitchen.

Caffeine will give you a jolt of energy but can also lift your mood, focus your mind, and give you more mental energy.

Not all caffeine supplements are created equal. Look for green tea derivatives that don’t give you jitters or withdrawal symptoms.

Using the right caffeine supplement will give you the push you need to focus on everything from designing a website to giving a presentation.

B Vitamins

This next recommendation is a one-two punch. B9 and B6 work hand-in-hand to increase productivity and keep you on track.

B vitamins are famous for helping you metabolize food efficiently. These two are a powerhouse combo for anybody looking to be more efficient at work.

Why? B9 gives you energy and helps you stay alert. B6 improves your memory and also stabilizes your mood.

What To Look For In Supplements

Before you go out shopping for supplements, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Third party testing means that the supplement has been examined by someone besides the manufacturer
  • Look for labels that are clear about every ingredient
  • Make sure the supplement uses only high-quality ingredients
  • Make sure you understand the dosage; some ingredients can be dangerous in high amounts

Don’t put just anything in your body. Treat yourself kindly and you’ll feel great.

Increase Productivity Through Supplements

Now that you’ve got some ideas about supplements that improve productivity and stay focused, which one will you try first?

Try them one at a time to see which one works best. Then, try combining them into powerhouse combos that will help you stay alert and laser-focused.

Looking for more ways to increase productivity? Maybe it’s time to look at your web design and see if it still works for you.

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