Personal Touch: Why Personalized Cards Are Effective

personalized cards

Sending personalized cards is becoming less common, but that makes them stand out all the more. If you really want to make an impact in your business and personal relationships, this is a good strategy for doing so.

Going the extra mile by sending a real life, tangible card speaks volumes more than shooting off a simple email into the digital realm. Anyone can take a couple minutes to type up an email.


Those who take out paper and pen, ink down a handwritten message, and take the time to affix postage and stick it in the outgoing mailbox demonstrate that they care.

The sender shows the recipient that they feel they’re worth their time.

Want more insight on why personalized cards are effective? Read on to learn just what it is that makes these handwritten messages go so much further than other forms of communication.

Why Send Personalized Cards?

Why bother to send personalized cards? Does it really do anything?

There are a few reasons you should consider sending cards that you personalize yourself instead of simply sending an email.

Below, we’ve listed out a few reasons you should consider taking the time to write out the message you intend to send with your own hand.

Worthy Endeavor

First and foremost, people send personalized cards because it’s worth their time. It pays off. It’s a good use of resources.

For example, spending time hunting for the Best Holiday Cards birthday cards for business associates is a good way to spend your time.

It may take longer than an impersonal email, but it will matter so much more to someone to receive something in the mail.

When the payoff is greater than what you invest, that’s a good return on investment. This works in business as well as in personal matters.

Sending cards takes a small amount of time but can make a huge difference.

Establish Stronger Connections

Sending Christmas cards still matters. Why?

People feel more connected to something they can hold in their hands.

If they can feel it, turn it over, hold onto it, stick it on their fridge, and feel the texture of the attached stamp, they will feel more close to it personally. They will remember it and have fond feelings toward you in their heart.

Sending something that takes extra time and effort — like a Christmas card that you had to design, print, address, and take a trip to the post office to send — lasts longer.

Plus, you give without expecting anything in return. Sending an email implies that you’d like to get a response since it’s so easy to do.

When you send a letter, it is not necessarily standard practice to mail one back thanking them. You simply trust that your recipient received the message, cherished it, and then you both move along.

This shows graciousness and a willingness to prioritize the happiness and satisfaction of others above yourself.

More Formal

If you want to be taken more seriously, act more seriously. Everyone and their mother sends emails these days.

As direct mail has gone out, it has become rarer. That means that receiving a piece of mail is a reason to sit up and take notice. It catches the recipient’s attention.

Nowadays, it’s very hard to make an email seem formal and serious. No matter how intricately you design it, it’s a 2D thing sitting on a flat glowing screen. People can scroll right on by and delete it in mere milliseconds.

Sending mail, on the other hand, can be printed on different paper weights, use raised or embossed ink, come scented, have different textures, and more.

Because people can interact with it using their five senses, it feels more real and is taken more seriously. It attracts people to pay attention to it because it is outside of the norm.

Seem More Trustworthy

If you have the wherewithal to send mail that is nicely designed and distributed to relevant sources, you seem more trustworthy. People feel more at ease with you. You demonstrate responsibility, forethought, and dedication to your cause.

Don’t wait until you have to clean up and scramble to handle reputation management — instead, get a head start and forge a great reputation for yourself with your own actions!

Showing that you are so committed to your message that you are willing to invest in getting it out there makes you come across as trustworthy and honest.

The hard truth is that sending personalized cards takes more effort. It is time-consuming, takes some mental effort, and takes more out of you than sending an email does.

If you’re willing to put in the work and do so, you have already crossed the first barrier in people’s minds. You’ve proven to them that you have something valuable to say by showing that you are dedicated to the cause and are willing to overcome any obstacles in order to get there.

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