How to Find SEO Keywords for Solar Marketing

solar marketingAccording to the International Energy Agency, solar power was the fastest-growing source of global energy last year. With solar power at the forefront of the renewable energy movement, solar marketing is also on the rise.

Solar companies now appeal to more customers as solar panels become cheaper. But how do solar companies market themselves to their growing customer base?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is easily the most powerful form of marketing in this day and age. SEO entails many practices and strategies, including keyword usage.

Curious how to find SEO keywords for solar marketing? Here are some tips to making sure your solar company isn’t going unnoticed!

1. Know the Audience

Renewable energy and solar panels are common keywords that solar companies use in their content. These are typical keywords that people search for when they look for solar resources.

Targeted keywords help rank a site above competitors in search engines. These keywords make it easy for potential customers who are looking for products or services to find specific websites.

When people search for information on the web, more often than not they choose to use phrases rather than words. This is because an individual word is often not specific or focused enough to get the customer what they want.

Monitor Audience Activity Online

Another way to find relevant and interesting keywords is to follow the targeted audience’s social media activity. Discussion forums are extremely helpful when it comes to understanding your audience. In these areas, a company can find keywords and content that potential customers are talking about.

Businesses should be careful of keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing will make your content seem less natural, less approachable, and may flag Google.

2. Use Google Analytics & Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools help companies choose the best keywords to optimize their content. With optimized content comes better business, increased traffic, and more sales.

Many keyword research tools provide estimated search volume and click-through rate. They also show how difficult it will be to rank a keyword. Many also suggest related keywords for you to research.

Google Analytics is an invaluable tool that helps website owners understand their viewers. With Google Analytics, businesses can monitor their website’s traffic. Within the ‘Traffic Sources’ tab, a website owner can see which keywords lead people to their site.

3. Create Fresh Content

Providing new and fresh information is vital to SEO keywords.

The goal of content is to provide a great user experience for the potential customers who come to your website. Content can come in various forms, whether it be in the form of text or visuals.

Be a Wealth of Solar Knowledge

A solar provider company is in the perfect place to share expertise and advice in all things solar-related. It’s important to establish themselves as an authority in their industry. That’s what will keep people coming back for more.

New pages with new content also have the potential to show up in search engine results. Therefore, the more content created, the better chance a company has of getting more traffic to their website.

Ready to Start Solar Marketing?

Being at the forefront of any industry is hard. To stay on top, solar companies need strong marketing practices. Keyword research and implementation are especially integral to SEO and solar marketing.

Ready to have your solar business flourish? Discover more about SEO on our blog and with other web marketing tools!