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Do You Really Need a Mobile First Strategy?

mobile first strategy

Did you know that mobile users are 5x more likely to exit out of a website that is not mobile-friendly? Mobile phones have changed the way we conduct business, communicate, and work, but should all of your efforts go towards…

5 Reasons Why Mobile Website Development is a Must

mobile website development

Would you like to know the best way to lose users and throw away advertising dollars? The answer is simple: ignore your mobile website development. The fact is that more than 50% of all web traffic is now accessed through mobile…

How to Optimize Your Site for Google Voice Search

Google Voice SEO

“Hey, Siri, where’s the closest burger joint?” “Alexa, who has the most lifetime homeruns?” “OK Google, how does celery grow?” It’s increasingly easier to literally give voice to the questions in your head. People are asking the questions: does your…