Article Writing Topics: Tips if Your Screen is Blank

article writing topics

There’s a common misconception that articles just get written. Few stop to think about the amount of time and effort that really goes into creating quality content.

It involves a great deal of dedication, resourcefulness, and creativity.


And writing can be quite tough, even for the most seasoned writers. Perhaps the hardest part of article writing is coming up with great topics. We’ve all been there.

The line on the word processor is blank, taunting you almost.

You know that you have a deadline or that your blog hasn’t been updated in weeks, but you can’t seem to get a word out. Don’t give up!

Writer’s block is rough, but it’s time to learn how you can take a sledgehammer to that wall!

Keep reading for tips on how to keep the article writing tips flowing!

Article Writing Topics: Tips is Your Screen is Blank

1. Foster a Creative Environment

Where you write matters almost as much as how you write. The right (or wrong) environment can make all the difference.

Ultimately, what you consider a creative environment is up to you. It can be a coffee shop, your living room, or even your couch. All that matters is that it’s a place you feel comfortable.

Knowing how you work is important, as well.

For instance, some writers tend to work better when there’s a bit of noise in the background. Others can’t stand the noise and find distractions bothersome.

Figure out what gets your creative juices flowing. Remember, this is your environment! Make it somewhere you feel that you can escape from the world for a little bit.

You should use this cozy creative space each time you write. The consistency will train your brain to associate the location with work. and you may notice that it’ll be easier to come up with article writing topics next time.

2. Brainstorm

Now that you’ve found your home away from home, it’s time to give writer’s block the boot.

Open up your word processor of choice and start a brand new document. Call this document ‘My ideas’ or even just ‘Article writing topics’. The name isn’t important, but the document itself is.

This is your brand new brainstorming list. It’s what you’ll turn to every single time you’re stumped from now on. Try and jot down as many ideas as you can.

You’ve probably seen TV shows where someone carries around a tape recorder to record ideas. Think of your document as your digital tape recorder. Make an effort to jot down an idea as soon as it pops into your head.

Accordingly, you may want to choose a document on a piece of cloud-based software, so you can access your ideas anywhere. You never know where you’ll be when inspiration hits.

Try and jot down some SEO keywords to go along with your articles as well.

3. Focus on What Matters to You

There’s a good chance that your strongest content will come from article writing topics that you genuinely care about. Your passion will come through in your words, and the end result will be better because of it.

Take a few moments to evaluate a few things you care about.

Maybe it’s a charity, or a cause close to your heart. Perhaps it’s an important political issue that you think isn’t getting enough coverage.

It can be anything, no matter how niche it is. What matters is that it’s near and dear to your heart. The more you care, the easier it’ll be to write about.

It doesn’t even matter if it’s only tangentially related. You can find some creative ways to way to tie any topic into your passion.

You can store some of these topics in your brainstorming document, too.

4. Just Start Writing

Yes, this is probably going to seem counterintuitive at first. After all, you have writer’s block! By definition, that means that you have nothing at all to say, right?

Quite the opposite, in fact. Sometimes all you need to do is hear the sweet click of your keyboard before the ideas come flooding in.

If you’ve already started working on a document and find yourself stuck, open up another page. Now start writing.

Keep writing for at least 5 minutes. It doesn’t matter what you choose to write about. It could be about what you ate for breakfast even, the key thing is to get your fingers tapping and your mind moving.

Chances are you’ll end up writing about how you don’t have any article writing topics. Guess what? You’re still writing.

We tend to think of writer’s block as an indomitable foe that we can’t defeat when in reality we just need to get out of our own way.

Stephen King literally wrote a book just about writing due to writer’s block. And it’s one of the most revered books of all time!

Step out of your own way, clear your head, and let your fingers do the work for you.

And be sure not to edit yourself, either. It may be tempting to fix some of those pesky typos, but the editing process comes later.

What’s important at this very moment is that you see that notorious word count climb up. There’s a good chance that your next best article writing topics will occur during one of those stream of consciousness sessions.

5. Read a Book

Did you know that reading can make you a stronger writer? It makes sense when you think about it. Like writing, reading is a skill that constantly needs practicing

Find some fresh inspiration by cracking open one of your favorite books, or just peruse the net.

Believe it or not, this isn’t actually procrastination. You’re helping yourself, as it turns out.

Studies show that cognitive abilities are improved after reading. You’ll stay sharper for longer.

Stephen King once said the following: “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time (or tools) to write.”

Find a writer that really inspires you and turn to their work when you can’t come up with article writing topics.

Closing Thoughts on Article Writing Topics

There’s no denying that writer’s block is a powerful force. But with a little determination and the right environment, you can beat it.

You now have everything you need to get started on that next great article. So what are you waiting for? Start writing!