Score That Client with Your SEO Proposal

SEO Proposal

Ready to land that huge client you’ve been trying to get for months?

When it’s finally time to seal the deal, what is your strategy? How are you going reel them in?


Having to absolutely amaze someone can really put a lot of pressure on any company.

So how do you prove that your proposal is more original than anyone else’s? How do you show a potential client that your company is the best of the best?

The answer to these questions: Write a brilliant SEO proposal that will win over your clients!

Want to know how? Check out our tips below for what to include in a winning SEO proposal:

1. Introduction to the SEO Proposal

The first part of your SEO proposal will always be your introduction.

Use the opening line of your proposal to really engage with your clients. Make them believe that they need your services at any cost.

In addition, use the introduction as a place to talk about who your company is, what you do best, and what your values are.

Make sure that your values are in line with your potential clients.

Do your research about a client before your proposal, so that you know exactly what they hope to achieve and who their target consumers are.

2. Benefits of SEO

In the next section of your awesome SEO proposal, you should talk about what exactly SEO is and why it would be useful for your client.

Even if a client is familiar with the term “SEO,” ultimately, you’re the expert. Explain SEO in detail, and how it will be of value to your client’s company.

Then, your client will be able to set their own expectations of what they hope to achieve from using your services.

You can also use data, including images and graphs to provide proof of the benefits of SEO.

3. Problems with Client’s SEO

After explaining SEO in the second part of your SEO proposal, express to your client exactly why they even need SEO.

Open up their website and outline the problems with the client’s own SEO usage.

Show your client that you’ve done your research and that you are very familiar with the company. This research will help you easily identify the problems with your client’s SEO and the potential solutions.

Your client will need to see how their website ranks among others and what their amount of subscribers or clicks looks like.

With SEO, you can prove to them that the program will drastically improve their site’s traffic.

4. Your Plan and Timeline

Now that you’ve identified both your problem and your potential solution, it’s time to create a plan of action for your SEO proposal.

Your client will probably ask you how you plan to utilize SEO to fix their website’s problems.

At this point, you will want to explain to your client how to create relevant content for their website.

Then, talk to your client about how you will research the right keywords they should be using and look into their competitors’ sites as well.

Inform your client about SEO tools that they can use to see how many people are searching for your keywords.

Give them examples of which of their past keywords worked really well and which of the keywords didn’t work at all.

You should also give your client some sort of timeline that plans out the exact timing and corresponding steps of your strategy.

Make sure that your timeline aligns with your client’s. If you are already on the same page, your partnership will work very smoothly.

5. Prove Your Credibility

Your clients will probably want to know exactly why they should choose your services. What is it that your company can give your client that no one else can?

Show your client previous examples of your work with your past clients. Do the best you can to make them feel secure if they decide to hire you.

Moreover, demonstrate to your clients that you can keep up with the latest innovations in SEO and that you’re determined to only give them the best in performance.

You can do this by including previous clients’ company logos, giving your potential clients examples from testimonials, and presenting some case studies you worked on earlier.

The physical proof will help ease your potential clients’ minds. If they feel that they can trust you, then they will.

6. Your Price and Terms

Towards the end of your SEO proposal, outline your prices and terms of service for your clients.

Some clients may want to look at your price page before reading the rest of the SEO proposal.

Make sure your prices are listed clearly.

You can decide to give your clients options for different package deals or bundles. When putting together a bundle, keep your price very straightforward.

Explain to your clients what it is that they will get for each price and for each deal.

Also, be open to answering questions about your prices and terms. Make yourself clear, as you want to actually land the client!

7. Conclusion and How to Proceed

Of course, every great SEO proposal needs to end with a strong conclusion.

In your conclusion, you should recap the biggest points of your SEO proposal: from the benefits of your services to the client’s SEO problems to the steps you will take towards improving your client’s SEO, and finally, to the solution and results your client should expect to see.

Then, start talking about how you think the client should proceed immediately towards accomplishing their SEO goals.

Finish off with your next steps to make your client feel like they know exactly where they need to go from there.

Ready to get started? Use this template to create a fabulous SEO proposal that your client will love.