The Benefits of Using SEOJet for Your Business

Earning backlinks can be a struggle for any business. 

Not all link-building services are reliable and the only alternative for businesses is to manually contact hundreds of websites asking for a guest post. After putting in all of that effort you’re still not guaranteed a new link. 

How would you like to discover a simple, easy-to-use software to acquire new guest posts for your websites? 


Or, better yet, how would you like to analyze what links your competitors have and use that information to boost that site’s rankings?

SEOJet is a digital marketing tool that can help you do all of these things! 

The article below will discuss what SEOJet is, how you can use it to generate the right anchor text, and ultimately obtain new links to your site. 

What is SEOJet?

SEOJet’s backlink management software helps businesses analyze competitors, optimize anchor texts, and even order guest blogs from high-authority domains. 

If you’re a business looking to boost your search rankings, then SEOJet is the tool you’ve been waiting for. 

While backlinks are one of Google’s top-ranking factors, it’s not always easy to implement a backlink strategy that is both effective and natural. 

There are far too many companies offering link schemes or spammy products. 

Businesses who use SEOJet utilize real data to build relevant backlinks with natural anchor texts that won’t be red flags to the Google algorithm. 

The SEOJet software takes the guessing out of link building. Using it will allow data to drive all of your SEO decisions. 

How Does SEOJet Help People Build Links?

First of all, clients are able to identify the top 10 best performing web pages in their niche and get a look at what anchor texts each of them uses. There are three main groups of anchor text collected by SEOJet (blended, exact match, and natural).

SEOJet will then analyze how many anchor texts are used by your competitors in each of these groups. Then, it’ll provide your anchor text ratio (for example 35% blended, 40% exact match, and 25% natural). 

If your competitor ranks higher than you, this ratio is a guide on how to mirror their success and beat them to the top. 

The three anchor text groups can be further broken down into 12 individual anchor text categories:

  • Brand names
  • Generic texts like “click here”
  • Full URL
  • Keyword
  • Brand Plus Keyword
  • Keyword Plus
  • Page Title
  • Partial Keyword
  • Empty Anchor
  • Home URL
  • URL with no HTTP

This list demonstrates that you have a lot of options for writing anchor text but you still need to know what ratio works best for your site. Google will be able to detect if your ratio is unnatural.

Businesses can use the SEOJet anchor text ratio to adjust their own strategy and potentially outrank their competitors. The software can also help generate future anchor texts that fit into your new ratio. 

A guest posting service within the SEOJet dashboard allows businesses to buy new backlinks with this data in mind. 

Clients receive a report of what sites link to their competitors but not to them, which can also be the starting point for manual guest post outreach.

Taken all together, SEOJet can help businesses conduct competitor analysis and build effective backlinks that are guaranteed to increase their search rankings. 

Quality of the Links and Software

Digital marketers understand the importance of building quality links. 

Quality backlinks are those that are placed naturally in content and coming from a site with higher domain authority. This is known in the SEO community as “link juice” and helps with ranking. 

Traffic also plays a role in the quality of backlinks. The more visitors a website gets, the more Google trusts it. 

SEOJet does not provide clients with low-quality or spammy links. They target blogs with higher traffic for potential guest posts, many of which may already be linked to your competitors. 

With any guest post recommendation, SEOJet prioritizes high-quality links and provides users with “Engage Scores” to ensure an improvement in their rankings. 

JetRank, a proprietary SEOJet scoring system, can be used to score each of your web pages from 0-100 based on how they rank against your competitor’s pages. 

The focus of this software is on maintaining healthy web pages and knowing where more work needs to be done. 

At the end of the day, ranking won’t improve unless you establish brand trust with Google. 

Read the SEOJet Blog

Whether you’re considering SEOJet or you’ve been a regular customer for years, the blog section of their website answers frequently asked questions and educates visitors on advanced software features. 

Here are a few of the helpful topics listed on the SEOJet blog: 

  • How to create the best anchor text distribution
  • How many backlinks a site needs to rank on the first page
  • How to use the SEO Competitor Tool 
  • Link building myths and mistakes 
  • And case studies on businesses that successfully used SEOJet

Anyone on the web can access the blog to learn more about SEO and backlinks, but the content is especially helpful for those who are actively using the software. 

Read the next section to find out how you can get a SEOJet free trial. 

How Would You Like To Try SEOJet for Free?

This software is tailor-made for any businesses that have been struggling to get more backlinks. 

If used correctly, the SEOJet software actually makes it possible to outrank competitors with a fewer number of backlinks because they’re high-quality and optimized to be exactly what Google is looking for. 

Now is a great time to try out SEOJet! Interested users can sign up for free here or request a demo from one of their SEO experts. 

Three reasonable membership options are available based on the size of your business and what features are needed. Clients can choose to pay monthly or annually. 

Try out the software today and let the SEOJet team answer all of your questions!