5 Reasons to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website for Small Businesses

Are you wondering if a mobile-friendly website is a necessity for your company?

With 96% of Americans owning a cellphone and 81% owning smartphones, mobile searches are a way of life. 

Updating your website to a responsive design helps you fit in with those mobile searches. 


Check out these reasons your small business needs a mobile site.

1. Improved Experience for All Users

A mobile-friendly website gives everyone the best possible experience when they visit your website.

Standard websites without a mobile-friendly design don’t always show up well on mobile devices. Users often have to scroll frequently to see everything on the page. It’s not easy to read or fully experience the site.

Mobile-friendly websites adapt to different screens. Your mobile users will be able to see the images and read the content better.

Responsive websites also load faster than standard sites. Fast loading times keep people on your site longer.

2. Increased Search Rankings

How high does your website rank in search results? Higher positions in the results mean the people who are looking for your services find you.

Google takes lots of factors into account when ranking your website, including use of keywords, loading speed, user experience, and linking.

Mobile-friendliness is also an important factor. If your site is mobile-friendly, you have a better chance of ranking higher in search results.

When thinking about search rankings, you can combine your mobile site and use PPC marketing and other strategies to help your business get found.

3. Capture Mobile Traffic

On average, people spend more than 4 hours each day using mobile devices. Those devices make it easy for consumers to search for things they want immediately.

When you have a website that’s compatible with mobile devices, you’re more likely to capture that traffic. 

You might also increase your chances of keeping users on your site. Research shows that 46% of consumers want to complete a transaction, from research to purchase, on their smartphones.

If you have a mobile-friendly site that makes the entire process easy, your customers will appreciate that experience.

4. Competitive Edge

Mobile-friendly sites keep your company competitive. If other businesses in your niche don’t have mobile-friendly sites, consumers who prefer to use mobile devices might choose you over those other sites.

A mobile site shows that your company understands what consumers want. It shows that you’re ready for the future and you make decisions that improve the customer experience.

5. Consistent Branding

With a mobile-friendly site, your consumers get a consistent experience no matter how they visit your website.

They’ll see similar branding, images, and content whether they access your site from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Having that consistent experience can improve brand awareness.

Customers also become familiar with your online services and what to expect when they access them from different devices. This can encourage them to keep coming back to your website.

Design Your Mobile-Friendly Website

Creating a mobile-friendly website can boost your business and increase your web traffic. Choose a responsive design for your site to start enjoying the benefits right away.

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