Screenshare (and Other Tasks) on Mac vs PC: Which is Easier to Use?

PC vs Mac is a fierce rivalry. This debate pits friends and families against each other. Some people choose Apple products every time because they are, well, Apple products.

We’ve taken the trouble to review and compare different functions on both types of operating systems. We’re going to look at screenshare on mac and other tasks to see which is most convenient and useful.


Will Mac or PC emerge victorious as the most user-friendly operating system? Read ahead to check out our reviews and decide for yourself.

Our Need For Technology

The average American spends over eight hours a day looking into a screen. This includes phones, TVs, computers, etc.

Eye strain, vitamin D deficiency, and lack of exercise aside, it’s clear that our lives practically depend on our devices. Many of us depend on our computers for work.

We need something that efficiently fulfills our needs. Dealing with a program that isn’t user friendly can be painfully tedious. As with any profession, we need the best tools to get the job done.

Microsoft vs Apple Debate

Apple, Microsoft, and other computer companies have been around for decades. In 2006, Apple started an ongoing ad war when they took several clear jabs at PC. The results were probably beneficial for all involved.

You can choose to blindly follow Mac or PC for the rest of your life or, you could just be a reasonable person and look at the evidence and think for yourself.

It’s best to compare them side by side on different issues. Here is our list of things to consider when buying a computer.

1. Overall Appearance and Presentation

If you are going to spend so much time on your computer, it certainly would be nice for the thing to not be a total eyesore. Our minds are wired to feel more relaxed when our surroundings are aesthetically pleasing.

You would have to expect that the screen you spend so much time looking at should, at the very least, not strain your eyes.

Both companies are known for their pretty default backgrounds. The rolling grassy hills of Microsoft are certainly pleasing. One of the benefits of Macbook, however, is that it was meticulously designed by a skilled team of artists out in California.

2. Word Processing Software

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor on the planet. It is probably one of the most important programs in the world.

Although Mac does have free and purchasable word processors available (including Word itself), we’re going to have to give this round to PC.

None of Apple’s programs have the reliability and intuitive design that Word has.

3. Desktop Sharing

Desktop sharing, also known as screen sharing, is a technology that allows users to remotely another computer. Basically, you can access another computer’s screen (and files) using your own computer.

Sometimes you can show someone something better than you can tell them. This gets rid of the need to unsuccessfully attempt to explain what on earth is going on with your computer. It is extremely useful for teaching, meetings, and dealing with technical issues.

It can save you and your business time and/or money. It is possible to screen share with both Mac and PC.

Screenshare on Mac

Macs are generally very easy to use and screen share is no exception. Check out this article for simple instructions on how to screenshare on Mac.

Screenshare on PC

In order to screen share on PC, there are several programs you can consider. Zoom and Teamviewer are popular options but the list goes on and on.

For simplicity of use, we are going to give this round to Mac.

4. Gaming

We love our video games. Most of us have realized that computer gamers are in fact superior to consoles.

It’s also nice being able to work and play on the same device. You could be gaming once second and, with the touch of a button, it looks like you’re working again.

Not a Fair Matchup

If you’re upset that Mac won the last round, hold your head up. There is no real competition in this category.

PC has shown superior to Mac in gaming in just about every category. Simply put, you can build a PC with gaming capabilities for relatively cheap that surpass any Mac.

Not to mention, the gaming catalog for PC is massive. Only proper gaming consoles can challenge them in this regard.

5. Security

This is extremely important for all computer users. Whether you use a computer to upload selfies and pictures of your salads or you use it to handle millions of your company’s money, you need to handle security seriously.

One of the benefits of Mac is it’s known for being ‘virus-proof’. Susceptible PCs are more prone to adware and malware. We’re going to give the edge to Macs, here.

However, there is a lot of really dependable anti-virus software for PC. Take into consideration the nature of the work you do on the computer. As always, use proper caution when surfing the web.

6. Presentations

Whether you’re a student or a professional, there is a constant need to make presentations. These have to be well made to catch your audience’s attention and keep it.

PowerPoint is a ubiquitous presentation program that is so popular that these presentations can actually be called PowerPoints, regardless of what program was used.

For reliability and convenience, this round is going to have to go to PC once again.

The Final Verdict

If you’ve been keeping score, you’d know we’re taking the easy way and calling it a 3-3 draw. Sorry, but it’s always going to boil down to what you’re looking for.

Screenshare on Mac is unbeatable but PC gaming takes the cake.

Which one is best for you? Check the facts and decide for yourself!

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